What If The Monster Is Afraid?

this is the story i was thinking about writting.

Chapter 1


"Boy, get your lazy butt out of bed! Its nearly 3 pm and our guests have arrived!" i heard my mother say at my door. It's way to early for any of this
The sky was its normal, never changing red nd the temperature, H-O-T. Nothing new there.
"I dont want to meet any stupid quests. Leave me alone and get out of my life." i mumbled quietly, pulling the covers over my head and rolled over. Im not a morning nor afternoon person.
"Pein Ethan Hades, i said GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE NOW!" she hollored as i got out of bed, not bothering to change into my hosting clothes, nor caring enough to brush my shaggy black hair.
"Pein, meet Marciabeth. She is of the Burn Clan." Mother said as i looked at the girl in front of me. She had small green eyes and long red hair, a normal look for where i live. She couldnt have been any older than fourteen and just barely passed five foot. I dont favor green eyes. I have a tendency not to like people with green eyes, i dont know why.
"Marciabeth Burn, what a lovely name for such a lovely girl. Im very pleased to meet you." i said taking her hand and lightly kissing it, making her blush. I've been trained to do this everytime i meet an important clan's daughter. Manners are very important in my house. Notice how i didnt say home.
"Your highness, please. Im not but a nobleman's daughter." she smiled, curtsying before me before walking into the hosting hall.
"Clean yourself up now! If your father had seen you like this he would have had your head!" mom hissed as i chuckled and walked sluggishly up the steps.
"She's such an ugly girl, mother. A horrid personality, too." i sighed.
"I know, but the Burn Clan has supported your father for many generations. As Prince of Hades, you must impress all of our followers, so when you become the next ruler of Hades, they will trust you." Mother said as i switched out of my nightclothes, which only consists of a t-shirt and basketball shorts that i got on my last visit to the human world, into my fine silk and velvet hosting uniform.
"I know, mother. Will Father be joining us as well?" i asked as she came to stand outside my door.
"Satan is very busy, you know that. Expecially since God started to send out angels to "rid the world of pain and suffering" She said as i brushed my teeth and combed my hair before running down the steps.
Halfway down the steps i tripped, fell down the steps, and crashed into the entryway table. The glass sculpture on it crashed and shattered on the ground.
"Lord Pein, are you ok? You arent injured are you?" Marciabeth gasped, charging into the entryhall.
"Do not fret, Pein is in no Pain." i smiled as she chuckled lightly.
"Please excuse my son, he isnt very graceful." my mother said to Marciabeth's father and mother.
"How is Xavier?" Mr. Burn asked as i felt my body start to shake.
"Pein, what's wrong?" Marciabeth asked as i darted up the steps and locked myself in my room.
Tears poured down my face as i listened to the questions and explanations that carried on downstairs.
"Xavier as you know was in the Surface World, and while he was up there he was converted to the Lord's Peace Troops. Pein looked up to his older brother, and Xavier has been a touchy subject for him. No, it's not your fault. You didn't know. He'll come back in a little while, we just have to give him some time." mother said as they walked into the hosting hall again.
Why did my brother have to leave? He is seventeen, where i am fourteen going on fifteen. On a demon's fifteenth birthday they are required to spend a year on the surface world creating chaos and disorder. While Xavier was up there he was tricked into being an Angel. I promise myself that when i go, i will destroy the person that took my brother from me.
Xavier was the one who taught me how to ride a bike, walk, read, write, and how to use my demonic powers to influence humans to be evil. How could my strong older brother be so easily tricked by a freak with wings and a stupid halo? I will avenge him. I must.
After making sure that i didnt have any glass on my from earlier, and washed my face, i made my way back down the steps, slowely and not as energetic.
"Welcome back, Pein!" Marciabeth spoke as if she were waiting for some strange reactions.
"They are just about to be leaving, Pein, so say your goodbyes." mother said.
These people are below you, Pein. You are better than they are. Do not let them get to you.
"I sincerely apologize for my behavior and ask for your forgiveness." i said as Mr.Burn nodded. I flashed Marciabeth my famous smile. I tilt my head to the left, closed my eyes, and chuckled slightly as i smiled softly. For some strange reason, the daughters love this.
I felt my mother's hand on my shoulder as the Burn Clan pulled on their winter coverings. We cant really feel the temperature here, we are ammune to the heat so wearing the winter clothing doesnt bother us in this extreme heat. But we enjoy changing our wardrobes with the ever-changing seasons of the surface world.
"Thank you so much for allowing us to visit. Young Lord of Darkness, you have our full support during the times of change." Mr.Burn shook my hand roughly.
In one quick movement, he pulled up my left sleeve, revealing the pitched black infinity sign birthmark on the inside on my wrist. All of the future leaders have on. My father does, and even Xavier did. Its a sign of royalty over Hades.
I covered up my arm, backed up, and bowed slightly before the clan left our house.
"Mother he-"
"I know, Pein, i know. But there is nothing we can do about it. The word is already out. They know." Mother said as i pulled up my right sleeve to reveal a golden star of david. The Heavonly sign of Royalty.


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