A Remus Lupin Love Story

I love Remus Lupin, so I decided to do this :) Enjoy, and don't forget to comment! Please be straight with me, if you don't like it just tell me. Use as many vulgar phrases as you like to tell me how much you hate it, or get me enough cookies to show how much you love it, or just tell me that it was good, but PLEASE BE HONEST! Comment! Rate! Love you!

Chapter 1

Character Description

Name: Rowan Blaque (said Black)
Same age as the Marauders
Looks: (in first year) Auburn hair just past shoulder length that is stubborn, sometimes wavy, sometimes straight, blue eyes, 5'2, 85 pounds. (in fifth year) Same hair, 5'6, 100 pounds
Personality/HIstory: Quiet, loves to read, helps people study. She lives with her aunt because her parents were tortured to death by Voldemort's forces. Her father was a werewolf so she has a soft spot for them. She hates when Remus makes bad comments about werewolves but loves Remus. She has an older brother two years above her, extremely protective of her.

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