Meet Me In Heaven

Hi guys! This is a story about a teen deemed insane the day his girlfriend dyed...... it's... different. ENJOY!

Chapter 1

Escaping the Memories

I watch my trembling hands, fixed on the constant shaking. The rain pounds on my bulletproof glass window like it does so often, the sound lulls me into a dreamless sleep. Black. Everything is black. Then, out of nowhere, I see her. The beautiful girl I've loved since I was ten-years-old. Her silky brown hair is in soft curls, and her green eyes are free of stress. Just like the last day of her life. Her face is free of makeup and she's wearing that same green skirt and purple tank top. It was a clear, sunny, summer day, the exact opposite of today. I open my eyes to escape her beauty and the memories already flooding my mind. I force my eyelids open and am greeted by the never changing white ceiling. "Nice to see you again." I tell the ceiling, even though I know I'm on camera, being monitored as I speak. It doesn't matter if they think I'm crazy. I was already deemed insane two years ago. Today is the anniversary of my insanity.
Images of that day pass through my head. I wish I could rid them from my body. I wish I could be normal again. I feel like an animal in a cage, and I need to get out. I stand up ad flash the camera a smile, letting whoever is watching now that I see the camera. A black haired woman I've never seen walks into my room. She has a tray of soup. The aroma is awful, but I need to eat. They'll force-feed me in thy have to. They'll do whatever it takes to keep me alive. Her head is down and she looks as if she's closing her eyes. I open my mouth to speak. "You're going to drop th-" I hear the woman gasp and then the clatter of broken glass. I chuckle and race for the glass, grabbing a shard in the process. "NO!" I hear her shout, I finally see her face.
She's no woman. She a girl, about my age. Maybe a bit younger. She backs into the corner, her breathing rapid and rough. I don't know why. Then I figure it out, she thinks I'm going to kill her.

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