Sounds In Your Head (A Story)

Just an idea that came to my head. :o Hope you like it.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

by: Would_You
Olive Marie was a mystery, a big mystery with no clues, nothing.

I always stayed in my room, never wanting to bother anyone in this house. I guess you could say I scared my family abit, because when I was seven, I tried to drown myself in my pool because my brother died, and I wanted to die too. So they took me to a mental hospital, because they thought I was a bit strange. And strange I was.

It was six-thirty a.m and I was late, very late. I ran to my drawer to find something, then headed to the bathroom to smooth my hair and brush my teeth. Gah. I thought walking down the stairs into the kithchen seeing my mom hasn't left yet. I grabbed my coat without letting her speak, and I was out the door.

Oh great, just great it had to freaking rain. I thought

I always walked to school no matter what the weather was, I always walked. At first when I started to walk I was doing it to help my weight but now I enjoy it, I mean riding the bus? I have no friends to gossip or sit with, so why not walk. By the time I got to school I was drenched. Everyone stared at me, but when I opened my locker they stared even more, but there was laughs included. Old, rotted food spilled all over me and onto the floor. My drawings, my clothes, everything was ruined. By now everyone had joined in to laugh at my humiliation. I slammed my locker and went to the bathroom. I wanted to cry, die, and hurt myself. Tears started to stream down my face, I fell to the floor and held my knees to my face. Why? I whispered. I soon enough got up and went into a stall and changed into my older brothers old Pink Floyd shirt that he loved, and a pair of jeans. The bell rang, the late bell to first period. I deffanitly wasn't going so I decided to try to sneak out.

I walked down to the gym, and went through the girls locker room back into where the showers were. I heard a hum coming from a woman. I held my breath and ran for the other end of the locker room to wear the exit door was. I stopped for a moment, and looked to my side. Nothing was there. I breathed a little. Then as quiet as I could I pushed open the door. I was out.

...I ran for it, as fast as I could I just kept running. Then I turned and went down a small dirt road. I stopped running and took a breath. I walked forward to the headstone towards the back. As I got there, I couldn't stop trying to catch my breath. I sat down on my knees in front of the tombstone. I got in my bag and pulled out my wallet, I grabbed the first picture. It was him & I, my brother and I. I layed the picture down beside the flowers I got him last week. I just stared up into the picture, trying to remeber the day, but it was so hard. I started to sob, I layed my head down, and I just cried. I'm sorry that I'm gone, just Olive please don't give up on yourself. I love and miss you. I lightly spoke, "Bu--t why did you have to go and just die on me? I need you." Nothing spoke back. "Why?" Again, nothing. I screamed, and I screamed until I couldn't anymore. I picked up the picture and placed it in my wallet. And I acted like it had not happened, but as I got up and turned around, there was pale man there. He was glowing. It was an unhuman sort of thing. He turned around and then I realized it was my brother, Jason.

I spoke softly, "Jason, I-I," I just ran to him. I hugged him tightly never wanting to let go. He patted my hair softly, but didn't speak. I breathed slightly, I didn't care if he didn't talk, I just wanted feel his presence. Just as I started to let go of him, I heard a loud- pitched scream. Jason disappeared, and I looked around me frantically, farther down by the road was young girl. She was around seven or eight, just laying on the ground screaming. I ran towards her, and kneeled down. I shook the girl awake. Her blue eyes stared at me, she had blood all over her dress.

"What's wrong?" I asked helping her up. She looked at me, sobbed, and ran away from me. I questioned wheather or not to run after the girl, but what good would that do? Have her even more scared? I looked down at where the girl was laying. The tombstone read out, Claire Poles. It must've been her mother I thought, but I didn't know. I looked at my watch, it was 11 a.m. I ran until I got to my house.

...I went straight to my room, throwing things all over not even sure of where it was. At last I found the box I was looking for. It was just an ordinary box, but it was a secret box. I opened it, and looked inside. There was my money I've been saving since I was six. I've been saving it for a while, saving it for my plan.

My plan.

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