Just a question

If you don't like A.N.T Farm it would still be great if you could send me a FR!! :D

Chapter 1

A.N.T. Farm (Disney Channel)

by: _Luv_
Hey just wondering if any of you guys like A.N.T. Farm and if you do, if you would be interested in role playing characters. But if you do, you have to ask Lexi!! Ok here is the quiz link.
My character is Chyna!!! :D Here is the link to my profile. (I would love to get more friends than Lexi! :P) http://www.quibblo.com/user/Chynna_Parks
There is (so far) Lexi and Paisley. :D:D:D And I think that someone claimed Olive but has not made an account yet. But anywho, you should still ask Lexi if you want to do it! :D But you have to make a separate account.
But like, even if you don't want to role-play A.N.T Farm then it would still be awesome if you would send me a friend.
Thanks sooo much for reading this!!!


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