The Hunger Games ABC's

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Chapter 1


A - are you going to see the movies?

I have seen it 3 times once at the midnight showing and i plan on doing that for Catching Fire and Mockingjay

B - Book order (favorite to least favorite)?

1. The Hunger Games
2. Catching Fire
3. Mockingjay

C - Clato or Glato?

CLATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION!!!!!!!!!! COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
D - District..

I love District 2, 4, 7, and 11. According to all the quizzes on here I belong in District 2

E- Exiting moment for you?

When Clove killed Katniss (or she should have)

F - Favorite Tribute?

Clove, Cato, and Johanna Mason. Rue, Finnick, and Peeta in second.

G - Glimmer, Clove, Rue, Foxface, or Katniss?

OBVIOUS CLOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

H - Hunger Games or Harry Potter?

I love both BUT The Hunger Games rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I - I just gotta know this.. who is your favorite pairing?

LIKE I SAID BEFORE: CLATO RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J - Just like....

I'm like Clove because i CAN throw knives (camp) and im tough, short, and smart

K - Kill, Run, or Hide?

Kill. id be a Career. notice how i said BE and not JOIN

L - Least favorite tribute?

Katniss (no haters) she is a whiny brat.

M - Marvel, Cato, Thresh, or Peeta?


N - Normal Tributes or Careers?

Careers. they beat the entire games in all of the games. (makes no sense on purpose)

O - On Team Peeta or Team Gale?


P - Peeta or Katniss?


Q - Quarter Quell Or 74th Hunger Games?

Quarter Quell... if u fight, u lived

R - Rebel side or Capitol side?

most likely rebel side

S - Song from the series?

Safe & Sound By: Taylor Swift

T - Tribute death (in the arena) that was the saddest?

Cato's and Clove's i wish they won!!

U - Unite Districts or not?

Not.. I like them the way they are.. they should depend on one and help one another out more, though :)

V - Victors or Tributes that died?

tributes that died.. (a.k.a. Cato, Clove and Rue)

W - Which is your favorite character from the entire series?

Cato, Clove, and Johanna Mason

X - Xylophones or Hunger Games? Idk..

Hunger Games!!!

Y - Your favorite quote:

Well I have three..

1. "Kill her Cato" ~Clove

2. "Want to blow Lover Boy one last kiss?" ~Clove

3. "I promised Cato I'd give the audience a good show" ~Clove

Z - Zaniest Character?

Effie Trinket. WAY too much Zest.

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