He May Be An Ordinary Guy With Heart And Soul.....But He Is My Hero---(Liam Payne Love Story)

He May Be An Ordinary Guy With Heart And Soul.....But He Is My Hero---(Liam Payne Love Story)

Main Song:
Hero by Sterling Knight

Nillie Jay Horan

Chapter 1

Visiting For The Summer

"Okay mum, I'll give Niall your hugs and kisses....bye,"I said. I put my phone away.
I was going to surprise my older brother, Niall. I'm spending the summer with him, and he doesn't know it. This will be a great surprise.
"Here we are,"said the taxi driver as he pulled up to a huge building.
"Thank you,"I said getting off as did him. He helped carry my stuff inside,"Here you go."
"Thank you ma'ma,"he said before leaving.
"How may I help you?,"the receptionist asked.She looked like a model, how in the hell did she end working here?
"Yes, I'm Nellie Horan, I made a reservation about a week ago,"I replied with a smile.
"Of course Miss Horan, we have you in room 809, on the eight floor, is that alright?,"she asked.
"Of course,"I replied.
"Here's your keys,"she said handing my two cards,"Hope you enjoy your stay."
"I'm sure I will,"I replied as a bell boy appeared to help me with my bags.
All crazy things kept going through my mind as I made my way to my room. My phone started to ring, the song Up All Night by One Direction, which meant that Niall was calling me, blasted through my phone's speaker making the bell boy smile.
"Hello?,"I answered.
"Hey Nellie, they gave me a break. So, I decided to call,"said Niall,"So, how are things at home?"
"Good, Greg sprained his ankle though,"I told him.
"How?,"he asked surprised.
"Trying to catch me,"I replied shyly.
"And why was he trying to catch you?,"he asked.
" 'Cause I told him word a lady shouldn't use,"I replied in a whispered.
"What are we going to do you with you Nellie?,"he asked while letting out a sigh.
"Love me,"I replied with a cutesie voice.
"Well, since you're my sister I have to!,"he replied laughing.
"I know you do,"I replied,"Well, mum is calling me, I'll call you as soon as I can."
"Okay, bye"he said.
"Bye,"I replied hanging up.

So, I was all settled in my condo, it was nice. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a walk-in closet, kitchen, living room, and dinning room.
I looked at the clock and decided that Niall must be back. I looked at myself in the mirror. My blue eyes scanned me, my wavy blonde hair was in place, and my clothes looked nice, so I'm ready to go!
I locked my door on the way out, I'm so excited!

I knocked on the door, I heard some kind of commotion.
"Hello,"said a curly hair boy who answered the door, Harry. I recognized him from the X-Factor.
"Hello...is Niall here?,"I asked.
"Uh..yes,"he said confused,"Be right back, love."
"Thanks,"I replied.
"Yo! Niall is for you!,"he yelled as soon as he went back inside, making me smile.
"Who is it?,"I heard my brother's voice reply.
"I don't know, but she's cute!,"Harry replied.
I heard footsteps approaching the door, and my heart started to race.
"He-,"said Niall, but stopped mid-sentence,"NELLIE!,"he screamed hugging me and spinning me around.
"Niall!,"I replied laughing,"Put me down!"
"What are you doing here?,"he asked as he put me down.
"Well, I'm out of school, for the summer, and decided to spend here,"I replied with a smile,"Surprise!"
"Best surprise ever!,"he exclaimed right back,"Come on, let me introduce you to the guys,"he said grabbing my hand and pulling me inside.
"Sure,"I replied.
We entered the living to see four guys playing video games, Harry looked up and saw me.
"Hey, is the cute girl,"he said making everyone turn.
"She is cute,"replied the one next to him, Louis,"How do you know her?"
"I know her because she's my sister!,"he replied a bit mad.
"Oh,"said Louis carrying it out a bit,"She's still cute!"
"Jerk!,"said Niall,"So, anyways guys this is my sister Nellie, Nellie this is Zayn, Louis, Harry, and Liam."
"Hi,"I replied with a smile.
"So, Nellie will be here for the summer!,"said Niall.
"Will she be staying with us, 'cause you know, my room is available,"said Harry with a wink.
"Uh..no!,"I replied with a wink,"And your not my type!"
"Oh!,"said Zayn and Liam.
"That's my sister,"said Niall putting his arm over my shoulder.
The guys are pretty cool, but I can see Harry got a bit mad. I was probably the first girl who has said to no him. He is cute and everything, but I really don't like guys who flirt with me on the first day they meet me.
"So, did Greg really sprain his ankle?,"asked Niall.
"Yes,"I replied taking a sip of water,"He was chasing me and slip."
"You two never got along,"replied Niall rolling his eyes.
"He started it,"I exclaimed.
"How?,"asked Liam.
I started to blush and looked down, I didn't want anybody to know why. A lot of people think is childish, and I don't want to give them that impression of them, but Niall started to smile.
"Does it have to do anything with Mr. Wiggles?,"he asked, I simply got redder by the minute causing him to laugh.
"Mr.Wiggles?,"asked Louis.
"Is a toy she has,"replied Niall.
"Mr.Wiggles is not a toy,"I said in a stern voice, but then soften it,"He is a stuffed lion, who I have since I was three."
"He is practecly family,"said Niall making the guys laugh.
"Did you bring Mr.Wiggles?,"asked Zayn.
"Well, of course she did, she can't sleep without it,"said Niall standing up and throwing his water of bottle away.
"Really, Niall?,"I asked while the guys laughed,"Why don't you just read them my diary?"
I turn to face the guys, Louis and Harry were still laughing, Zayn tried to stop but couldn't, while Liam was simply smiling.
"You know I don't need it,"he said giving me a smile and hugging me.
"Oh, mum send you hugs and kisses,"I told him.
"Of course she does,"he replied.
"What tme is it?,"I asked.
"Oh, is already midnight,"replied Liam surprised.
"Wow, I got to go,"I said standing up.
I stood up and gave each of them a hug, but I noticed Liam hugged me a bit longer.
"Well, see you tomorrow Niall,"I said as he walkd me out.
"Yes you will,"he replied hugging me,"I'm glad you came!"
"Me too,"I replied as I started walking away.
"Be here early, you can make us breakfast,"he called after me.
"I don't think so,"I replied laughing.
With that I left to my condo, were Mr. Wiggles was waiting for me to go to sleep.

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