A Choice (Louis Tomlinson ♥)

A Choice (Louis Tomlinson ♥)

It seemed so right for Kelsey, everything fit perfectly. Except for the few missing pieces. Eleanor was hanging onto Louis not willing to let go. And Niall would forever despise Louis for taking his bestfriend, and the love of his life. Kelsey had a choice, make Niall and Eleanor happy or herself and Louis happy. Everything rested on her to not destroy the band. Could she do it? Or would she choose her happiness over everyone else's.

Chapter 1

Stupid Games

Keys, keys, keys. I thought as I shuffled through my purse and scattered everything on the black marble counter. I hastily plunged my hands into the junk drawer hoping to find what I was looking for. Found them. I plucked the small silver key ,that I needed to start my red toyota camry, from the severely damaged drunk drawer and swiftly made my way to my car. My two sisters let out a sigh of relief as I started the car and drove out of the long driveway.
"We're never going to make it." Complained Bree, who was 13.
"We'll be fine." I said keeping my blue eyes on the road.
"Says you." She pouted.
"Will you shut it already?" Tamara barked, she was 15.
"Seriously guys, come on this is suppose to be sister bonding." I said trying to calm the two. They were always yapping at each other. I turned on the radio to tune them out. They didn't have to enjoy it, but I did. After a half an hour of squealing and blasting the music I felt like I would lose hearing any second. Fortunately we had arrived at our destination. I seen a blond head peak out from the glass doors. Trying to hide my excitement I ran to him. He opened his arms and hugged me. It had be too long!
"Kelsey! Its been way to long. Ireland misses you." Niall said his blue eyes searching mine. My sisters had already greeted him and were now causing ruckus with the other boys. Niall politely held the door open for me and I was greeted with Louis running into me and slamming me to the the ground.
"I'm really sorry!" He said taking my hand and pulling me up. I was too close. My nose was almost touching his.
"It's fine." I said backing away.
"Are you sure?" He insisted.
"Yeah fine, I promise." He smiled still with a hint of concern in his dark blue eyes. He ran off after Harry again hopefully this time he didn't knock anyone else down.
"So Niall how is it being a super celebrity popstar?" I asked nudging him in his ribs. He laughed effortlessly.
"Its good. Some ups some downs. Mostly ups." He smiled.
"Sounds like you're living the life." I said. He shrugged.
"So hows...here?" He asked. I had moved from Ireland to Texas at the age of 10, Niall had been my best friend since age 5 and we still kept in touch once I left but it had stopped when I graduated and he became famous, this was his way of saying 'sorry for ditching your grad party.'
"Honestly I like it. But I miss you and everyone else." I confessed. He nodded as a suggestion that he understood. Harry and Lou were once again running after eachother this time Harry had what looked to be Louis' shoe. I seen Tamara hanging with Zayn and Bree was playing million questions with Liam who surprisingly didn't look annoyed. Harry rounded the corner again and threw me Lou's shoe. Harry beckoned me to go along and hide it. Louis was coming quickly so I had no choice but to sit on his black tom. I was officially apart of their stupid game.

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