I Got A Heart On For You-A George Weasley love story part 9

Chapter 1

Potions Class

Oliver and I strolled down the corridors after lunch. We were carrying our school books, talking and laughing. I really enjoyed being with him. I just couldn't help it. We reached the dungeons, as Potions was my first class after lunch. Oliver gave me a quick peck on the lips before heading off to one of his own classes. "See you," I said, smiling. I opened the door and walked into the cold, musty, dark dungeon. I quickly took my seat beside Fred, and only seconds later, Snape swept into the room. George and Katie quickly ran into the room. George slid into the seat on my other side, and Katie took a seat in the front row. George had a pink tinge to his face. Probably from kissing Katie...he was so obssesed with her. I dont even know how its possible, it happened so fast. Snape shot them an angry glance. George also looked at me with anger. Maybe it was more that he was uncomfortable. After all, I did hit his `girlfriend` in the back of the head with a Bludger. "Today we shall be learning the antidote to a Love Potion." Snape went on to explain the effects of a love potion. ``Love potions cause the drinker to fall in love with whoever gave them the potion. The feelings from a love potion is more like obssession then affection.`` Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown started to giggle in the front row. ``No talking durring my lessons!`` Snape snapped. The girls stopped at once. Snape turned back and continued with explaining the love potion. Thats odd... I thought. These sounded alot like what happened with George and Katie. Maybe Fred was right. If Katie had used love potions before, she might have used one on George! I snapped to attention. My heart was suddenly racing. Maybe I could fix this! I could have George back! Then I thought of Oliver... Oh my god, what was I going to do? Snape flicked his wand and the love potion antidote ingredients appeared on the black board. Fred turned and began to work with Angelina. My only choice now was George. I slid my cauldron across the table so it was sitting it between us. ``I guess we`re partners.`` I smiled nervously. I didnt know how this was going to work. ``I was going to work with -`` George began to say, pointing in Katie`s direction, but was cut off. Katie had ran over to Alicia Spinnet, and started giggling and chatting about the potion. I smirked and started doodling on the corner of my parchment. ``I guess we could be partners...`` George said reluctantly. I moved my stool over closer to him. I was suprised when he didn`t move away. We started working away at the potion. We were talking and working together within minutes. I finally realized how much I really missed being in his presence, talking to him. We had just added the extract of Gurdyroot when Snape stood back up at the front of the classroom. ``When you think you have completed your antidote, please bring a sample of it up to the front in a phial,`` he said, and started scanning around the classroom. Me and George were already finished our antidote, so I grabbed some phials from my bag. Snape swept around the classroom, looking into our cauldrons. Seamus Finnigans cauldron expolded over in the corner. Neville was coughing and waving smoke out of his face. The class erupted in laughter. ``Enough!`` Snape waved his wand and the mess was clean in a second. He continued to look at our work. He reached where George and I were sitting. He peered into our cauldron. `Hmm....Suprising.`` he said. ``Almost perfect.`` Snape sneered. He turned and strutted away. My heart jumped. I grabbed another phial from my bag and poured the potion into it. I then returned the full phial to my bag. `What d`you need that for?`` George asked. ``Oh, nothing.`` I said. He didn``t need to know...I could explain as soon as he was back in order. George took the sample of the antidote up to Snape at the end of class. I quickly fled from the room. I had to slip the antiote into his drink at dinner. When everybody filed into the Great Hall for supper, I made sure I had a seat near George. When George turned his head, I quickly unstoppered the phial, and tipped the antidote into his drink. George had no idea, and started to drink it a couple minutes later. I was practically skipping back to the common room that night. By tomorrow, I could have George back. I couldn`t fall asleep quickly. My mind was buzzing. My eyelids started to get heavy, and soon, I was snoring, with my Defense Against The Dark Arts book clutched close to my chest.


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