Wooooo Hooooo!!!!!!!!!!

so, i got this idea from one of my friends here on quibblo, and that was to write out my thoughts, and let others be entertained by them. seems like a good way to keep from going crazy! ;)

Chapter 1

capitulo uno!

by: Londikinz
heya! so, im stressing this upcoming year! i cant remember the most basic of my spanish!
hola! como te llamas? (hello, whats your name?)
hola! me llamo michelle! como esta usted? (hello! my name is michelle. how are you ma'am?)
ah, muy bien chica! cual es la fetcha de hoy? (ah, very good girl! what is todays date?)
hoy es el 17 de julio, dose mil doce, maestra. (today is july 17th, 2012, teacher)
ah! gracias chica! tu espanol es muy bueno! (Ah! thank you! your spanish is very good!)

yeah. thats the conversation that is NOT going to happen on the first day of school. especially since my name isnt michelle.
also, i think my spanish teacher is going to be a boy, and i said ma'am. oh well. he/she can suck it up.

ew. i have the taste of garlic and cheese in my mouth from din din tonight. wonder if i should brush my teeth now, and then once again before i go to bed???

..... nah. not worth it. i hate tooth paste.

eek! yusuke! i looooove you!!
god i need to talk to skilar about how ridiculous this show is. he just keeps fighting people and almost dying! WTF?????????
lol. i love that show. hmm.

maybe i should go on youtube. i like youtube. youtube and i are closer friends than me and google. ya. i went there google. watcha gunna do bout it?

google: yo! i tell you all man! you dont need youtube! i gotcha covered homie!

google, quit talking like an idiot.

google: make me bro!

im a girl

youtube: yeah google, have some respect for the lady.

kay, ur creepy too youtube. maybe ill just dink around with quibblo for a bit longer, then go to sleep. or watch more silly anime.

hmm... decisions, decisions....

meh. sleep is for people. flashes you fangs

gah! mother! i cannot possibly get off the computer now! i have just decided to stay on until an unreasonable hour, and then watch anime on my ipod until the sun comes up! or until my battery dies, cuz im too lazy to put it on the charger!

which ever one comes first.

speaking of coming first, (lol) i really wanna beat my bro up this morning so i can have the rest of he lucky charms insert creepy leprechaun saying stuff bout magical balloons and deliciousness here cuz he ate all the captain crunch. >:[


im over it now. i never even liked that cactus.

"now son, dont touch that cactus." :}
son sticks to cactus due to cactus magnetizing rays

breaks into random dubstep shuffling.

falls on face


random person: helloo parking meter!

parking meter heeloooo.

random person D:}

tha-tha-th-tha- thats all folks!


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