Blood is Thicker than Water. (A Hunger Games Fanfiction)

Blood is Thicker than Water. (A Hunger Games Fanfiction)

Thera and her siblings live in District 7 the lumber district, with their father because their mother died from childbirth with Thera's youngest sibling. She is 17 and has an older brother named Chase (18), a younger sister named Lily (14), and a younger brother named Mason (10). Her best friend is named Sam or Sammy and he is also 17.
"May the odds be ever in your favor"

Chapter 1

Ladies First.

The Reaping... This day comes once a year for eveyone and I have grown to not be nervous for this day. My family of four has been extremely lucky to have no one in our family chosen for the Hunger Games yet. I walk along side my little sister Lily, and my little brother Mason who is clinging to my hand. My older brother Chase walks behind us, always our protector. When we come to the seperation point Mason squeezes my hand, "Good luck Thera." he says silently. I scoop him up and hug him, "Mason dont worry, we will all be fine, i promise."
He smiles, showing off his dimples and crinkling his bright blue eyes.
"Now go stand next to dad okay? Ill see you soon Mason." I kiss him on the cheek and he runs off to stand next to my father. Thank god Mason is only 10, too young to be chosen. I turn around and my best friend Sam is standing behind me, his smile making me smile. "Hey Sammy!" He laughed and his dark eyes gleamed, "Thera, I told you not to call me that!" He joked because he and I both knew he loved it.
Me and Sammy had been best friend since we were 7, the year my mother died. His mother was the district doctor and our families had become close ever since her death. Him and his sister looked like twins, both dark haired with tan skin and dark eyes. After we check in, I stand with Chase and Lily while the other district kids find a place. Sammy and his sister find a place behind me and i can feel his eyes on my back.
Looking at my family, you wouldnt think we were related. Chase stood at 6'1, had dark brown hair and was muscular. Compared to me who was only 5'3 and had long blonde hair. I had muscle, but lean muscle. Lily had the same dark hair as Chase except hers was curly and had the same blue eyes as Mason. She was a thin girl and was just as tall as me even though she was three years younger. The only feature that me and Chase had in common was our green eyes, that we got from our mother.
I reached out and squeezed their hands and they squeezed back, as the capitol spokesperson walked up to the stage. His outfits were always ridiculous and today he was wearing a Coral colored tux that contrasted with his light blue hair.
"Hello District 7!...." I tuned him out after that. I just kept thinking to myself, "Keep my family safe... Please.. No one from my family."

"Now its time to choose this years tributes! Ladies first!" He walked over to an orb that contained every girls name. I held Lily's hand. He chose a slip of paper and walked back to the microphone where he unfolded it. My heart pounded.

"Lily White!" He smiled, And my heart stopped. The color drained from Lily's face as everyone turned to look at her. No. No she is too young, too small and thin, she wouldnt make it. Lily started to walk towards the stage. I squeezed Chase's hand one more time and looked back at Sammy, his eyes met mine and he imeddiatly knew my intentions. "Thera no." he whispered before I stepped forward, pushed Lily behind me and said in the strogest voice I could muster, "I volunteer."
Everyones faces were shocked. I could hear Lily behind me crying as i walked towards the stage.
The Capitol man smiled and shook my hand, "A volunteer! How wonderful! What is your name?" He leaned the microphone in and the name "Thera White" rolled numbly off my tongue but I looked into the camera and tried to seem as brave as possible. I then looked into the crowd, Lily was crying into Chase's shoulder and Sammy eyes were full of hurt and something else i couldnt place.
"Now for the boys!" He walked over to another orb with hundreds of paper slips in them. This time he dug his hand down into the middle then finaly pulled out a name. He walked back, unfolded it and read the name,
"Chase White!" I felt dead. I couldnt move, breath, think. All i could feel was pure, fiery hatred to the capitol. As my brother walked up, the crowd eruppted into shouts and screams of protest but the capitol gaurds quieted them.
"Now tributes, shake hands!" I looked at my brother, my closest friend and tried to hold back the tears. We closed the gap between us with a hug and we held that for what seemed like minutes, then seperated and walked off stage hand in hand....

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