Blood is Thicker than Water. (A Hunger Games Fanfiction)

Blood is Thicker than Water. (A Hunger Games Fanfiction)

Thera and her siblings live in District 7 the lumber district, with their father because their mother died from childbirth with Thera's youngest sibling. She is 17 and has an older brother named Chase (18), a younger sister named Lily (14), and a younger brother named Mason (10). Her best friend is named Sam or Sammy and he is also 17.
"May the odds be ever in your favor"

Chapter 2

The Competition

Me and Chase waited in seperate visiting rooms, apparently even if your from the same family, you have to have seperate rooms. After about 5 minutes I got a hesitant knock on my door and I could see two pairs of blue eyes peeking in, Mason and Lily ran into the room. Mason squeezed me tight while Lily stood back crying. "Thera why did you do it?" she sobbed. I pulled her close and held my baby brother and sister to my side.
"I would have done it for any of you." I replied, "Please dont be upset now Lily, you both have to help dad with the housework, and Mason I know me and Chase have only given you a few hunting lessons but just set up snares and practice until you get good with knives okay?" He nodded but he had tears in his eyes. "Are you gonna come back?" Mason asked. He sounded like he was 5 again, his voice small. I gave him the best reassuring smile I could,
"I will do everything in my power to make sure either me or Chase comes back to you guys...I love you both." I whispered as I pulled them close one more time before the peacekeeper escorted them out. My next visitor was Sam, his dark eyes met mine and he ran to close the distance between us. "Thera..." he whispered as his warm and strong arms enclosed me in an unbreakable hold. He pulled away and looked into my eyes, his tan skin had a glow to it. "Thera.." He hesitated then looked down, "There is something I should have told you a long time ago."
I was about to ask what when his warm lips touched mine, I had never been kissed before, had never had someone elses lips on mine. But I couldnt have imagined any other person other than Sammy. His hands cupped my face as he pulled away and kissed my forehead and then leaned his forehead to mine. His hot breath was on my lips and I could feel his smile. "Im sorry, I just had too. I should have a long time ago.. But i was scared, and didnt want to ruin our friendship, I didnt want to lose you." He admitted, and I smiled and kissed his lips again. "Sammy, Im glad you did, because I was scared too. But its better now then never right?"
He looked at me, his eyes full of compassion, but also full of concern and loss.
"Thera, you have to try. I know your good with knives and alright with arrows. Your smart. You know how to track and hunt and fish and build snares. You have to win. For your family, for me, for your district. You need to show the Capitol that they cannot control you. That you are stronger-" Just then the peacekeeper popped his head through the door and cleared his throat,
"Times up." He said with a scruff voice. Sam ignored him and pulled a locket out of his pocket.
"Here" He said while handing it to me. "Your father gave this to me to give to you." I tried to open the locket, but it wouldnt budge. "Sam I dont know how to open it..."
"Times up!" The peacekeeper said again, but this time louder and he reached for Sam's arm. Sam leaned in and kissed me one last time before he was escorted out and the door slammed behind them. I sat down and looked at the locket and chain, and noticed that a ring was also on the chain. I unclipped it and looked closely at its small pink sapphires surrounding the band and the small diamond in the center.
Then it hit me. This was my mothers wedding ring. I put it on my middle finger, which was a bit tight. Then got a better idea. I took the ring off my finger and placed it onto my ring finger. It looked real, and no one else knew of this "engagement" not even my fiancee Sam.
I smiled to myself as the ring gleamed on my finger.

I looked out the train window to my district, my home, and waved goodbye to the people I loved. And making sure to blow a kiss to Sam and show off my "engagement" ring. Once the scenery had faded into a thick forest. I sat down with Chase as the Capitol spokesperson, who's name was Finn came into the room.
"So how do you like the Capitol lifestyle huh?" He asked with a smile. I smiled back while Chase replied with a short but seemingly enthusiastic answer, which Finn was pleased with. "Great, Im glad you guys are all settled, Im sure your mentors will be here so-" But he was cut off as the door swung open and two older men walked through the door. "Oh here they are!" Finn exclaimed, "Thera and Chase, these are your mentors, Hanson and Meyer." Hanson smiled and you could tell he had once been very strong and healthy, but Meyer scowled and had no physical properties that I could see, so I assumed he was clever and brains were his strong suit.
They sat down and Meyer immediatly flipped on the televison and started watching, completely uninterested in what was going to happen to me and my brother. But Hanson leaned forward and started examining us. "Stand up please, both of you." He asked and we obeyed as he walked around us eying us up.
"Hmmm.. Well Chase definitely has the superior strength and size. But that doesnt mean you arent quick Thera." He said while pointing a finger at me. "You can sit now, so what are both your skills?" We expalained that we had hunting a tracking skills, since we did live in the lumber district, hence thickly wooded areas, hence animals who lived there and could be hunted for food and pelts. Chase explained how he had skill with spears, and I explained how I was skilled with knives, and both of us also experienced with bows and arrows, traps, snares, and nets. Hanson seemed pleased with our knowledge and clapped his hands together. "Well it seems like you two are on a good start, use your time wisely in the training days. But leave the showing off to the careers."
We nodded in unison and Hanson seemed to like us well enough, "Good, well Meyer do you have anything to add." He turned to look as me and Chase, and sized us up just as Hanson had done. "You guys know how to trap and snare?" He asked us, his voice being deeper than I thought. He nodded, seeming to be pleased then turned back towards the television. "You have nothing more to say?" Chase asked irritated.
"Not at the moment, no." Meyer replied. Chase opened his mouth to say something else to him when the Capitol anthem started playing on the television and Meyer put a finger up to silence Chase.
"Now this," He pointed to the tv, "this is your next lesson." I finally saw Meyer's intentions when the tribute clips started to play. I watched in awe as the tributes from districts 1 and 2 were chosen. Then 3,4,5,6, then finally came our district. Finn yelled Lily's name and the cameras turned to her pale face, then you saw me push her behind me and take her place as tribute on the stage. Then Chase was called and it only showed him walking up to the stage, not the crowd uproaring in protest or me and Chase's hug before we were escorted into the Justice Building. It did however show us on the train, it showed me blowing a kiss to Sam then it did a close up of the ring on my finger. It blew through the rest of the districts then showed a final list, with the tributes district, name and age.

District 1- Griffin, 17
District 1- Pomeline, 18

District 2- Kurn, 18
District 2- Silver, 12

District 3- Septimus, 16
District 3- Dura, 16

District 4- Cast, 17
District 4- Nimma, 15

District 5- Ostro, 14
District 5- Mayree, 12

District 6- Huck, 13
District 6- Rupalia, 16

District 7- Chase, 18
District 7- Thera, 17

District 8- Skene,16
District 8- Katri,14

District 9- Leonis, 13
District 9- Orchid, 16

District 10- Flux, 14
District 10- Tula,12

District 11- Talon,17
District 11- Savera,14

District 12- Atlas, 16
District 12- Ashby,14

When the screen went black, Meyer's face suddenly beacme very stern.
"Do you see that, do you see those other kids?" He growled at us as he pointed a finger to the blank tv screen. "Those other 'kids' will be trying to kill you the moment you walk into the capitol, it is every man for himself out there. So you better not be afraid to spill a little blood.." ....

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