The Life of Canada (totally fan made)

The Life of Canada (totally fan made)

There I was on the battle feild France and I on one side and England and his son America on the other. Next thing I knew I was running toward america ready for a fight When I heard France yell "You take him I don't want him any more", When I heard that I stopped instantly.

England asked France "then why? Why did you take such good care of him? Just to turn around later saying you don't want him?"

France's reply Hit me as hard as a ball being thrown in my own face.

Chapter 2

This is your new Home

by: EetsYaBoi
Once We Reached England's House it was night So We Sat in front of the fire While they got to know me a little bit better. The Next morning I forgot what had happened the other day so When I woke up I thought that France who was no longer my Father had moved me to a different room.

When I went down stairs everyone was awake and that's when I remembered what had happened.

"HEY DUDE" America Shouted While I blinked in Surprise.

"So how did You sleep Canada? England asked
"Fine" I replied
"That's good So America didn't wake you up?"
"Noooo?" I Said with a confused look on my face.

All of a sudden America Piped up "Really I didn't wake you up with all of that I Was making this morning?" I shook my head "I didn't hear it" I Explained "Oh Well that's good" England said with a smile on his face.

After breakfast America showed me around the house and we played outside a little bit. Later after lunch We Ran outside and walked a few blocks down the street when we seen a Little girl. Tears Where Streaming Down her face and her eyes where wide and scared.

"What's wrong?" I asked the little girl America stopped and looked at me I looked back at him then back at the girl "My Mommy was here standing right beside me and Now she's gone and I don't where she went" She cried a little bit more and then her eyes widened even more.

She ran to the man who was behind us. I guess She knew him well because he picked her up and calmed her down then asked the 2 of us "Do you know where her mother is?" We both shook our heads and then when I looked across the road the little girl, America and the man did to.

There Across the street was her mother starring straight at us when she Marched over to us She screamed to the man "Honey what where these 2 doing with our daughter?" The Man Replied with a shrug.

The woman who was the girls mother stared at me then at America and the back to me. "What where you doing with my daughter?" she asked "Well me and my brother" I pointed at America "where walking down the side walk and I noticed her crying so I walked over to her and asked her what was wrong." I explained.

"go on" The Woman urged sternly. "Well er uh and then Your husband came out and picked her up and then we seen you and that was it" I Murmured quietly The Woman Glared at me a while and then said lets go and walked off with her husband and her daughter.

I Stared at America in shock and he stared back. After that we ran home as fast as our little legs would let us ran into the house and slammed the door. "What was that about?!?!?" England said Shocked

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