Hope is Eternal - A Logan Lerman Love Story

This story is about being in love with Percy Jackson and the Olympians - The Lightning Thief star Logan Lerman.

Chapter 1

Love at First Sight

The first time I saw my celebrity crush Logan Lerman, was in the Lightning Thief movie.
I fell in love with him instantly. After that, I was obsessed with him. Everything from pictures, quizzes, bios, etc... I don't know how I managed to keep it from anybody else.
And this is where the story begins.
I google searched 'logan lermans email address'. I looked eagerly as the results came. I clicked on the first one.
I looked at it. It looked pretty genuine to me. I started writing an email on Gmail -

Dear Logan,
I would really love to meet you. I live pretty close to you but I'm not going to say where because you might not actually be Logan Lerman.
I think you're really cute and that you did an awesome job in The Lightning Thief. I could just go on and on, but I... won't. For your sake.
So, please, please PLEASE reply to this email. I know you have alot of work doing movies and all, but please just reply this one time.
<3 Macy Ormluv

I clicked send.
But I never expected to get a reply within 5 minutes.
Which is, of course, what happened.

Hey Macy,
This is the real Logan Lerman, yes. =] I don't actually get that much fan mail. I'd be happy to meet you somewhere - call it a date. I'm free... let me see, Friday night - wait, that's tonight! I could meet you somewhere tonight. I am going to IM you, just wait...

Sure enough, I noticed a chat box popped up in the bottom right corner of the screen. It said 'Macy, are you there?' I eagerly typed in 'Hi Logan. I'm here.' After posting that, I put 'Wow, I can't believe i'm actually talking to you!'
'Hi Macy, how does tonight sound? I can take you to the Bellair restaurant'
':o Really? I'ts so expensive though!'
'Dinner's on me'
'Okay, what time?''
'How about around 7:00?"
'7:30 work?'
"OK ya, see you then Macy!'

And that's how I met Logan.


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