Avatar: The Legend of The White Lotus.

Long ago the Avatar kept balance among the four separate nations. Avatar Korra, the last Avatar, defeated the enemies of the nations and turned the world toward peace. However, that peace was short lived. 200 years later, the avatar is dead, the nations have fallen out of balance and the world is in chaos. Bending is a rare ability and the avatar is no more than a bedtime story. Yet, people still hope for the return of the Avatar. To bring about the peace the world has long lost.

Chapter 1


"Long ago, a great bender walked the earth. This bender was named Korra. Now Korra wasn't an average bender, no she was the greatest bender of all time. Korra was the Avatar, the master of all four elements. She originally was a water bender, but over time she came to realize her full potential as an Avatar. Korra was always a go and get them type of person, she was strong willed and held her own. After years and years of fighting the enemies of the nations, Korra had met her match. A man, known as Jasshin, attacked the Avatar and brought down the four nations. This man destroyed the Avatar and her followers, enslaving benders of all nations to build his kingdom. Due to the harsh labor he inflicted upon them, benders began to fade away. Family after family were wiped clean of their bending abilities and were left with nothing, but the work of the new day. Benders all over the world became slaves, while their masters harnessed and destroyed those who objected. Yet, even in the darkness, the benders held to the hope of their Avatar returning to save them once again."

"That story is so old mom!" A small child whined as he pulled on his blankets, "can't you tell another one?" "Maybe you should make one for me to tell," the woman sitting next to him giggled as she snuggled up close to him. "Tell me about dad," he asked her turning to face her. Tears welled in the woman's eyes as she looked at her small son nestled in her arms. "That one is for another time," she said while pulling him closer and rocking him to sleep.

"Roku!" A woman's voice scolded as a boy around the age of 17 entered in through a cloth door, "you aren't supposed to be working in this condition!" The young man waved her off as he took a seat at the lopsided table across from the woman. "It's fine mother," he sighed while stretching out his legs and kicking off the worn down sandals that were loosely tied to his feet, "we can't afford for me not to be working." "But-" the woman began to argue before being interrupted by the booming of thunder and pitter patter of rain on the roof. Leak after leak became known as the rain beat down against the small and simple shack. "Looks like I got work to do," the young man sighed while pulling back on his sandals and exiting the way he came in.

"Need some help?" a strong voice boomed up at the young man on the roof. "I think I got it," the boy on the roof smiled as the rain beat against his back. Standing up to survey his untidy and unsteady work the young man lost his footing and slid off the roof, landing next to the man who offered him help. "Here," the man laughed as he offered his hand to the younger man who was now covered in mud, "I'll make quick work of this." Looking around to make sure no one was watching the man slammed his feet into the wet earth as two solid walls came together. Pushing and pulling the man set them on top of the roof and then created pillars to hold them up properly. Admiring his work the man smiled and waved as he continued walking down the street.

"What was that?!" the woman inside the shack shrieked as she surveyed the work that had been done on her roof. Pulling her son inside she flipped the table and slammed it up against the door frame. "You know that bending is forbidden!" she lectured her son under her breath as she looked out of the window watching for something. "I didn't do it!" Roku yelled as she continued to watch the street paranoid. "It doesn't matter!" she screamed, "they'll be here to take you away! To punish you!" A knock at the door caused both the mother and son to quietly stare at the wooden table being used as a makeshift door. "Go," the mother whispered, "go to the field and I will meet you there." "I'm not going without you," Roku whispered back, "I can handle them." "Please," his mother begged as tears in her eyes started to make themselves known, "if I lost you too I wouldn't be able to live with myself."

With a loud bang the table flew back towards the pair. Stepping in front of her son a bright and warm light filled the room as the fire spilled from the woman's hands. "Go," she demanded not looking back to her son, "I'll be right behind you."

The young man shot out into the pouring rain as he made his way for the field where his mother had promised to meet him. Reaching the field, exhaustion set in as he fell to his knees. Sinking onto all fours the boy could no longer hold himself up. Staring off into the distance a shadow approached the boy, but before he could say a word his world turned dark.

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