Im FINALLY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!


Chapter 1


by: NayNor
welll church camp was ok ALTHOUGH all the drama like i got blamed for stealing 60 dollars and i got blamed for puking and not cleaning it up!! WTF WHY WOULD I DO THAT!s anyways other then that i met this guy his name was Brshaun! And i need to find him i am soooo sad without knowing how he is and stuff! And its kinda creepy because we started dateint Friday 13, so i should knew it was bound to be awful! Well anyways we kissed lol ik im awful at church camp! LOL well other then the drama i had a preatty good time i went Kayaking and swimming and all kinds of other stuff maybe ask your church to go to Falls Creek in Davis Oklahoma! its super fun and you might just meet your soul mate! :)


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