What happens if you live a lie (an original story)

My first original story. Read if you wish

Chapter 3

A Secret Finding

"Three... Two... One... GO!" I was at my meet, trying to win the 100m freestyle against my rival, the Otters own Silvia Wells. She thought so highly of her swimming skills, only because she thought too highly of herself making her Allstar team that's trying to beat my team, the Rockets, in the State finals. Her taunts will only fill me with encouragement and the strength to go on. I reached the end of the laps before she was half done with hers. I looked at my parents, their eyes filled with tears as I stood on the finishing block, a gold medal around my neck and destined to go to the Country Finals. Silvia was also destined to go, for she won the silver (and was extremely sulky about it). My best friend, Addy also made it in her events, gold in all as I had because she was two years older than me. As we packed up and headed our separate ways, we hugged and congradulated each other multiple times, to the point where my parents threatened not to take me out to dinner.
We arrived home around ten, when I decided to go up to my hiding place, the attic. There was a secret panel to it from my room on the second floor and I knew that Mom and Dad hid some of their most private things, from gifts to old family relics. I went straight to the attic, as always, and put another one of my medals in my medals box that I've had since I was 6 and started swimming and gymnastics. Both sets of medals, golds and platinums, have mixed in together since I started competing. As I put my box back in its normal place, on my trophy shelf, my overall gymnastics trophy fell on the boards with a thud, and surprisingly left a hole in the ground. Oh no, Mom and Dad would... whats that? I saw a bronze medal in the floorboards. I picked it up and traced the pattern of this medal in my hands. It had a trident on it on the front, but as I turned it around, I found a name: Andromeda. Who is Andromeda and what is her medal doing here?

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