What happens if you live a lie (an original story)

My first original story. Read if you wish

Chapter 9


Aedre looked at me with a smile as we landed, noticing me shake. I had never been this far down into the water, let alone even thought that Atlantis was real. I forced a smile at her, looking around.
This is Atlantis? I thought, nodding towards the city.
Yep, Jordan replied, his eyes scanning around. Your family'll be so proud to see you again.
Truly, they will be, Aedre smiled as we started to swim to the city, reaching the shining gate, two guards at alert.
Name? the first one thought, looking at Aedre, then Wade, then Jordan, then me. His eyes widened.
Is that? the first one thought, as the four of us nodded.
At your service, I curtsied as they opened the gates.
Your grace, the guards said at the same time in a solemn bow as we continued our way to the heart of the city.

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