My dream of suspence..!!

hi frnz, i had a dream last night (15 july 2012) n dat dream of mine was about to complete when i suddenly woke up..i want it to get completed. according to u, how should it end??? plz tell me....

Chapter 1


My dream started with me driving on my scooty.... i was going somewhere which i don't remember very well where i was going. Then i passed a school, still driving.. After a few minutes, i saw 2 small children crying on the road. Those 2 children were d students of dat school i just passed. they were crying so badly dat i was forced 2 stop my vehicle n ask dem d reason of crying so badly.... they told me dat they missed their bus to go home. I couldn't leave dem alone i wondered for a while n den decided to leave them till their house.

I saw their identy cards n i learned dat they were both brothers. I saw d address n told dem 2 sit on my scooty. I did not know were d place in d address was...but i still could not leave dem alone der so i decided 2 find dat place..i was driving n driving until i thought dat it was a need 2 ask someone were dat place was....der was no one on d road...we 3 were all alone...den i saw a man coming towards us.... i went 2 him n asked him where d place in d ID card was... dat man did not say anything n just saw my face silently....He shouted in some different language i couldn't understand. as soon as he finished shouting, many people came running(all men) n before i could understand anything, they grabbed all 3 of us n forcefully threw us into a van...they took us 2 an unknown place.....they seperated me from those 2 children n threw me in something that looked like a bad room....i wanted 2 save those 2 small kids....i was thinking how 2 get out of dat room n save them n get them back 2 their parents...

After dat, i woke up..!!! I want it to b completed....!!!! according 2 u (any reader) wat should happen next????


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