Welcome to Cross academy

Welcome to Cross academy

Chapter 1

Character info

by: h8rt4u
Name: Kyoko
Age: same as Yuki and Zero
Birthday: July 17
Race: half vampire half human
Friends: everyone except Zero, so far
Enemies: Zero, so far
Likes: anime, animals, books, manga, pocky, listening to music, vampires and humans getting alone, reading, singing when alone, drawing, and the color purple
Dislikes: school, homework, being yelled at, crowds, Zero being mean to her, bright colors, and level E vampires
Personality: shy, sweet, kind, only mean to Zero and level E vampires, smart, sleepy at times, lazy after a while, and innocent
Crush: Zero
Looks: light purple hair and pink eyes

Kyoko's story
Her mother was a human who had fell in love with a pure bred vampire. After her parents had her Vampire hunters had came and killed her mom and dad. When they had found her they were going to kill her too, but the head master at Cross academy had told them to let him raise her and so the head master took Kyoko in as his daughter. A few years later Kyoko met Yuki, only because she was brought to headmaster Cross by Kaname, who is a pure bred vampire. And then both Yuki and Kyoko met Zero, his family was attacked by vampires and he was the only survivor. Then a few years later the headmaster learned that Kyoko was half vampire half human and put her in the day class.


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