Back in Time (a Remus Lupin Love Story

This is the story of Ashlyn Wood, wife of Remus Lupin. One night while hanging out with her husband and Sirius, James, Lily, and the baby Harry, a Dark Wizard comes in and kills every last one of them. Ashlyn then wakes up - on the train in her first year. She must stop the cold - blooded murders from happening and gets the chance to fall in love with her husband all over again... but something, or someone, stands in her way.

I know that it doesn't follow the story line, but whatever!

Chapter 2

The End

I was walking around the corner into the dining room carrying a large platter of poultry that I had spent the entire day cooking. I could have just used magic, but what was the fun in that? Everybody was sitting at the table - Sirius, scruffu and rugged as usual, James, next to Lily, who had baby Harry in her hands, a spitting image of his father with the exception of his eyes. Next to Lily was Molly Weasley and her husband Arthur, with quite a few kids, named Charlie, Bill, Fred, George, and Ron, who was the same age as Harry. Next to the kids was my husband, the lovely Remus Lupin.

"The turkey! Blackhead, we have been waiting forever! " Sirius called out, using my Marauders nickname.

"Now, Sirius , if you aren't patient you don't get any at all, your serving can to to Remus , he is looking a bit thin..." Molly said.

"No, no, Molly, Padfoot is fine. He has always been like this. " I said.

"Well, Ashlyn, if you wish to put up with it.. " Arthur sighed.

"Ashlyn! Why do you call Sirius Padfoot?" Fred asked. He was inky a child, about five or six, so he didn't remember the story.

"And why is James Prongs? " the twin, George, insisted.

"Why are you Blackhead? " they asked together.

"Why? Oh, Merlin, its been a long time. Its a tale worthy of being told after the turkey." James said hungrily.

"The lets eat." I exclaimed, pulling out the knife to cut the turkey. It was Halloween, our favorite day, though we weren't sure why.

Everyone loved my cooking, as usual. The only one who challenged my culinary abilities was Molly, but she cooked on Christmas.

Suddenly we heard a knock on the door. Remus pushed out of his chair, smiling at me and saying, "I'll get it."

We heard a cry and glass breaking. I turned to Sirius, mouthing, "Get the kids." He nodded and med them upstairs. I ran to the door, to see the body of my husband on the ground, lifeless and cold. I couldn't cry - that would be affirmation that it was real and not a dream. I saw a hooded figure at the door with his wand out -what could he want in Godric's Hollow?

He pushed into the house and sat down. We were all shocked. He then began to speak.

"Ashlyn. Hello, my dear. I have heard much about you from a source of mine."

"What do you want? " I asked through gritted teeth, my wand at the ready.

"I want you on my side. You see, you have a special gift that you may not know about yet. I need it. So, come with ne and we can rule the entire world. You can be my queen."

"No. " I said confidently.

"Ah, but you see, if you refuse they all die. Even the children hiding upstairs with dear Sirius."

My breath was coming out in raspy, quick intakes. I didn't know what to do. I looked iver to Lily. She was shaking her head violently. They all looked at me, telling me no with their eyes.


"Fine then. Let all of your friends perish with the same fate as your beloved husband. You shall to last, dear Ashlyn."

I turned to them with tears in my eyes as the wizard yelled "Avada Kedavra! " to each of them, who fell lifeless. He then grabbed my arm and dragged me upstairs and raided each room until he found them. The babies were crying for their parents - weeping -until I witnessed him cry "Avada Kedavra " another six times.

"But we must leave dear Sirius, somebody needs to take the blame."

I looked into Sirius's eyes. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. His face was the last thing I remembered before hearing one last wail of the two words.

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