Back in Time (a Remus Lupin Love Story

This is the story of Ashlyn Wood, wife of Remus Lupin. One night while hanging out with her husband and Sirius, James, Lily, and the baby Harry, a Dark Wizard comes in and kills every last one of them. Ashlyn then wakes up - on the train in her first year. She must stop the cold - blooded murders from happening and gets the chance to fall in love with her husband all over again... but something, or someone, stands in her way.

I know that it doesn't follow the story line, but whatever!

Chapter 8


One of my absolute best friends, BrookyCookie, has given me a GREAT idea. I am going to start another story from Harry Potter's sister's point of view. I am changing one thing about the ending of Back In Time - Ashlyn doesn't die.And Sirius never gets married.

And all of the character submissions are going to appear in this new story! I will post a link in the next chapter. Thanks!

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