Just for when I'm bored or get inspired.
they're not great. But I hope you like them

Chapter 3

Infection- Happy 2nd Anniversary One Direction!

One Direction
Gave me an infection
It started 2 years ago
We've got Niall
who's kind of vile
We've got Zayn
who's sort of vain
We've got liam
Who's never a pain
We've got Harry and Louis
That make Larry!
Pidgeons and Carrots
Certainly not ferrets!
Spoons are as bad as stupid goons
We whisper mirror mirror on the wall
who's the fairest of them all?
It hard to choose a single lad
Because they're not just a fad.
Nialls the only Irish one
Which is fine because I dont think
I could handle a ton!
Liams sweet
and Nialls a treat!
Louis is funny
and Harry sort of looks like a bunny
zayns quiet but yet defiant
We've got 5 lads who make our day
In just a simple way!

In honor of their 2nd anniversary, much love to the boys of One Direction!

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