Dear Society (A Letter to the World)

Chapter 1

This Is Just Messed Up

Dear Society,

You are seriously messed up. And I'm going to tell you why. Society, the world, and pretty much anything you can think of excludes people, makes them feel worthless. All the messages we get is that we have to be perfect. We have to be pretty, skinny, smart, sporty, and normal.

Who the hell deserves the feel that they aren't pretty? Everyone is beatiful in some way. Just because they don't look perfect doesn't mean that they aren't just as worthy of anything than the prettiest girl in the world.

And really, does perfect has the same definition to anyone? If I took a poll of every Quibblonian, none of them would give the same answer. And who gives these standards? Who gets to decide how pretty you have to be, how skinny you have to be, how normal you have to be, ect.?

No one deserves to feel worthless. Everyone is talented at something, everyone has something to give. Every single person.

My message is simple. Society is fvcked up, not us. Not me. Just because someone doesn't meet your standards doesn't mean that they should be exiled. Soon, the bar to meet will be so high, no one will be able to reach it. And what then? What will happen then?

Perfect shouldn't be the goal. It's impossible to attain. Being happy with who you are, doing what's right, and being honest should be.

Goodbye and good day to you,



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