I'm Leaving....For a few days....-.-"

This is just a heads up!!! ^0^

Chapter 1

Yep I'm going on another adventure....:D

Okay yes I was gone from the 6-8 of July because I went to Louisiana for the essence awards....which was kinda fun XD

Now it's time for my new adventure in Phoenix!!!! Where I get to do ziplining on a mini-golf course and crash into everything (yes I am dangerprone and also a klutz) and then I'm going to a water park YAY!!!!! So ya I will be gone from the 22-26 (I think I'm going to be there for four days or maybe more, idk: I'm not good with dates and everything :P)

So ya I will miss all of You because you guys are special and fun to leave messages with and also let you take all my quizzes and my stories and vice versa!! Thank you all so much and I hope the rest of your summer is a BLAST!!



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