That Awkward Moment When...

I love these, so I thought I'd make some! Comment with your faves, or ones you can relate to! XD

Chapter 2

That Awkward Moment When... (Second Ten)

That awkward moment when you realize your skirt is a little too short for school.

That awkward moment when you say "You know when...?" and they say no.

That awkward moment when everyone wants to talk about their crushes at lunch, then somebody no one at the table knows sits down and everyone is quiet throughout all of lunch because of that one person that couldn't have found a better place to sit.

That awkward moment when you try to sing both parts of a duet where they overlap each other and you fail...epically.

That awkward moment when you crack a joke that was way funnier in your head.

That awkward moment when someone asks you what a word in text language means. Put "it means in front of it. Or else, the following could happen:
Person: What does brb mean?
You: Be right back.
Person: Okay, will you tell me when you come back?
- - -
Person: What does ttyl mean?
You: Talk to you later.
Person: Bye, don't forget to tell me.
- - -
Person: What does idc mean?
You: I don't care.
Person: You don't have to be mean, it was just a question.
- - -
Person: What does idk mean?
You: I don't know.
Person: God, no one knows!
- - -
Person: What does omg mean?
You: Oh, my god.
Person: What???

That awkward moment when you are reviewing your own math paper a few days after you did it and thinking "How the crap did I do this?"

That awkward moment when your texting five people talking about the same thing and you mix up conversations and put "lol" at something that was serious.

That awkward moment when two people are taking a picture of you and you don't know which camera to look at.

That awkward moment when you tell a "had to be there" story.

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