~things that should be said~

some call me Otherkin, some call me a Psi-vamp with bloodlust AKA a hybrid. I've been here, i've been there. I dont know what i am, i'm just me. I have my alligence with the creatures of the wood and the good forest folk. Don't believe me? It's your narrow sightedness, not mine.

Chapter 1

this is the only chapter.

i'll only re-send this when there's important updates. Okay enough with that lets get on with it.

1. my real name isn't Leo, most people will never realize that.
2. only people who know me in RL or whom i trust will ever know my real name.
3. i'm hardly ever online during the daytime.
4. i sleep while the sun is out.
5. i am a vampyre
6. i am a deep thinker
7. i only know 5 people in my RL by name
8. my parents are dead. they passed a very long time ago
9. i never had foster parents, but i wasnt raised by a family member, either.
10. i'm prone to flights of fancy
11. a lot of people call me eccentric
12. some people are scared ofme
13. i love stained glass windows
14. i like being in high places
15. i'm happiest in the dark
16. i've been to a wake before. assuming you know what that is.
17. i can recite shakespeare, edgar allen poe, and and Bram Stoker's Dracula from memory
18. i'm fascinated by death, murder, blood, and generally dark subjects.
19. i despise the "in-crowd". you know the one i mean.
20. i only came on quibblo because of bleed1313 aka Angie, and some one here drove her away. Thanks mofo.

Yes; i do magick, or "witchcraft" if you wanna call it that. spells, enchanting, alchemy, etc. if you don't know who the creatures of the wood are, feel free to ask. if you dont know what a hybrid, otherkin,psi-vamp,or sang is...feel free to ask. I wont lie. Magick is different than magic by the way. Magic is for magicians, Magick is for Wiccans, Pagans, etc.

Also, not all vampyres are antisocial creeps whom dwell in rat infested sewers, (though i know some who do) and with that being said i'm incredibly shy and often a loner. But if you wanna be friends, send a shout. I'll always reply, though i'm not one to randomly say hello. The insane mind is an interesting thing to discover. So many ways for it to happen to a person. Some people think and say that I am insane. This is of course, untrue to put it simply.

I am merely different. I can't fully explain, I can only tell what I do understand.

I mainy feed off of the energy of others...I hardly drink blood, and it only comes from willing donors. My bloodlust is mainly the desire to be around living things...most all of the time. Which isn't easy since i'm nocturnal.


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