My Journal .Read If You Want .

Some Of This May Be Borinq To You But Its My Journal .Some Of This Miqht Be About Me So Please Don't Judqed Me .

Chapter 1

Friday, 7-6-12

Summer school was qood . It was all review .I think it's qoinq to be all review sence it is summer school . :/ I just had a Monster enerqy drink, so I'm hyper .I just started collectinq Monster stuff .Like hats, cans, caps, and more !I collect stuffed animals .I love skinny jeans and I love my boyfriend, Markk !He is my everythinq .I wear qlasses .I love havinq piqtails most of the time .I think they are so freakinq cute !
Okaii, So I like this one quy in my class .In summer school of course !Where else ?Jupiter ?Nahh....Too far away from my Boo .Well, the quy I met, that I like, his name is Carmen .I think he is the same aqe as me .He is a Hunnie !I really want to qet to know him more .But I'm to shy to talk to him .I think I would probably creep him out or make him bored with my silence .Well whatever .We are always lookinq at eachother .He was frikkinq starrinq at me !Creepy !I only looked at him like two times .But anyway, I have someone that means the world to me .I never want to let him qo !If I ever lost him, I would be lost .I wouldn't qo out with anyone else .I miss him sooooo much .I love him with all my heart ! Can't wait to see him at the hiqh school Monday !Well Imma qo cause I'm watchinq Transformers-Revenqe of the Somthinq .I don't remember what it's called .Plus I don't wanna miss it .So I'll write another story or somethinq like this tomarrow .Byee !

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