When She Was Mine (harry styles)

When She Was Mine (harry styles)

Hehe I got the title from Lawson's song "When she was mine" :3♥
the next chapter should be up tomorrow(:

Chapter 1

Your lost</3

by: CWiles
As I walked down the side of the slightly calmed down road I could hear the gravel crackling beneath the wheels of the car following closely behind me.

I picked up my pace, not daring to look back considering I knew exactly who it was.

I had just found out about Harry cheating and stormed out.

Harry has cheated before but nothing too intense, he’d flirt sometimes but I let it go since it’s more of an impulse he doesn’t intend to hurt me.

He’s even had the off snog with some skank on the dr_nken party nights. But he’s never slept with anyone else so I was raged.

Every time Harry would cheat I would forgive him, I would look into those green orbs and fall to pieces.

Not this time, Harry was going to suffer for what he put me through.

How could he, the son of a *****

Suddenly I heard the car stop and the sound of footsteps vastly approaching.

I groaned and started running but I wasn’t in the state to run making it easy for harry to catch up to me.

“Stop this please Clarissa I’m sorry” Harry whimpered and grabbed a firm hold on my arm so I’d stop.

“Let go of me” I mumbled as I struggled under his grasp.

“I’m never letting you go” he expressed as he placed his hand delicately on my chin to pull me in.

I forced my head away from his, not looking into his eyes and definitely not accepting his gesture.

“Don’t touch me” I groaned as I yanked my arm from Harry’s grasp.

I backed up and watched harrys hurt expression and shook my head, tears in my eyes as I turned to walk away.

I felt a grasp on my waist as Harry turned me to face him.

“So you think I’m just gonna let you go?” harry mumbled through tears.

I broke my gaze at his face and looked down at the gravel road.

“Please Clarissa it was a mistake, she is nothing to me. You are my everything and I can’t live without you. You make every bad thing in my life disappear and I can’t afford to loose you, I’ll fall apart.” Harry sobbed as he desperately tried to shake me back into his arms.

I looked Harry straight in the eyes and shook my head sadly.

“You should of thought of that before you cheated.” I sighed and took a deep breath.

I decided to just let all of my bottled anger out and just thrash at him.

“You bass terd! I loved you! I ******* loved you with everything I had, do you even know what that means?! I honestly thought you were perfect and we were going to grow old in a fairy tail relationship because I fell in love with an angel.” I took a deep breath before continuing.

“And, god you son of a ******! How do you live with yourself knowing you can hurt someone so much? I should of known, I should of known! Through everything we went through that I was in over my head thinking the big poststar sensation would ever settle down and love just one girl. You had to be the ******* sl^t you are and hurt me the way you did” I sobbed and threw weak punches at his chest, Harry was hurt but he didn’t fight it, he let me vent.

“I can’t believe I ever loved you! I’m so pathetic, and so are you! You’re a jerk! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.” I sobbed as I threw punches desperately at his chest. I was drowning in my tears at this point, finally settling all my tears.

“Loved” Harry croaked and took a sharp in hail of air as the reality of my words set.

My punches got weaker and my anger slowly faded into hurt and my vulnerable side came out revealing the true me.

I chocked on my own words and broke down into sobs, I knew it was killing Harry not being able to wrap his arms around me and calm me down because I’m not his anymore.

To be honest it was killing me as well, I wanted more than anything to feel Harry’s strong arms protecting me and soothing me as he lay gentle kisses on the top of my head and rock me back and forth.

But I couldn’t go back to Harry, I couldn’t let myself get hurt again so I had to turn away.

I took a deep breath and met Harry’s sorry eyes.

“I’m sorry Harry” I breathed quietly, and with that I turned my body away and continued my walk down the still road until I reached Ryder’s house.

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