Hunger Games Teams

Hunger Games Teams

Finnick and Annie

Chapter 1

Finnick and Annie

Main Teams

(X) Team Peeta
() Team Gale
() Team Katniss

74th Tribute Teams:

() Team Glimmer
(x) Team Marvel
(x) Team Cato
(x) Team Clove
() Team Aiden (Boy from 3)
(x) Team Foxface/Miranda
() Team Rue
() Team Thresh
() Team Katniss
(x) Team Peeta

75th Tribute Teams

(x) Team Cashmere
() Team Gloss
(x) Team Enobaria
() Team Brutus
(x) Team Wiress
(x) Team Beetee
(x) Team Mags
(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) Team Finnick
(x) Team Johanna
() Team Seeder
() Team Chaff
() Team Katniss
(x) Team Peeta
(x) Team Cecelia
() Team Woof

Other Character Teams

() Team President Snow (pick this if you have mental issues)
(x) Team Prim
(x) Team Mrs. Everdeen
() President Coin
() Team Boggs
(x) Team Camera Crew
(x) Team Leeg
(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) Team Annie Cresta
(x) Team Cinna
(x) Team Prep Team
() Team Effie
(x) Team Haymitch
(x) Team Mr Everdeen
(x) Team Buttercup
(x) Team Lady
(x) Team Portia
(x) Team Madge and family.

Couple Teams:

(x) Team Keeta (Katniss and Peeta)
() Team Glatniss (Gale and Katniss)
(x) Team Glone (Gale and forever alone)
() Team Plone (Peeta and forever alone)
() Team Klone (Katniss and forever alone)
(x) Team Clato (Cato and Clove)
() Team Glato (Glimmer and Cato)
() Team Mimmer (Marvel and Glimmer)
(x) Team Moxface (Marvel and Foxface)
(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) Team Annick (Finnick and Annie)

1. If you could only be on ONE of those teams, which would it be?



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