A Wolves Life

A story i wrote in yr 6 and got told it was great (just putting it on here coz im bored) but plz leave comments :) btw i'll probs only do one or two chapters coz it small.

Chapter 1

Exploration Note: RUN!!

"Rise my son, we shall go, there are rabbits down near the meadow"
Mother wakes my brother, Rawndae, and i stirr as they pad out of the den. Mother is giving him his first hunting lesson.
"Trayondu, look after your sisters as we may be a while"
"Yes Mother"
Sakuan and i exchange a look. We will probably be forced to play in the river to look for fish. Trayondu likes to act like Rawndae.
I am Yuanika. We are wolves, our father got shot and killed by hunters when my mother was pregnant, therefore resulting in my mother getting shot too. There were supposed to be five of us, but one didn't make it. Mother was shot in the side, That also resulted in me having a stunted leg. But we do not dwell in the past. Rawndae is the eldest, followed by Sakuan then Trayondu. I am the youngest. Therefore i automatically am the one who needs looking after the most (my leg also the cause of that. the rest of my siblings are fine). As Rawndae and mother pad soflty out of the den, Trayondu turns to us with an adventurous look on his face. We weren't surprised when he said to us;
"Lets explore. C'mon! i know where we can go"

Sakuan and i sigh in unison then follow him. We can't exactly stop him for we are not allowed to make decisions. Males are the ones who are responsible for us. we follow him down to a sunny patch of grass an lie down in the sun. i rest my head on Sakuan's soft fur, and bury my snout in the scruff of her neck. Suddenly Trayondu gets up abruptly and sniffs the air. Then he flattens his ears against his head, bares his teeth and snarles.
"Tray, whats wrong? Are you ok?" i ask in panic.
"No, i smell something wrong too Yuanika" my sister says.

Suddenly a shot rings out and Trayondu yelps in pain.
"AHHHH MY EAR! Run, my sisters, man is here!"
Trayondu turned to us and i realised that he had got shot in the ear, there was a hole straight throught it. Sakuan grabs me with the scruff of my neck and runs, Tray following close behind.
"Sakuan, it's ok, i can run by myself!"
"No, Yuanika, i will not let you run with that leg of yours"
Then somethings snaps and im suddenly flung out of my sisters grasp. She is lying down, her foot caught in a trap. She is unable to move. i pad over to her and try to wrench open the trap with my teeth. i do it, but her foot is severely injured and Sakuan cannot walk on it.
"C'MON SAKUAN!! Please get up! GET UP!!"
"I...you...gotta go on...without me. I'll catch up...YOWWW"
She struggles to her feet but she only walks a few steps before she collapses, howling in pain. i decide to try and drag her, but shes so much bigger than me and it can't do it. Then Trayondu lifts her onto his back, and snarls at me to run. I sprint into some bushes. Then i see some hunters pointing long shiny black things and my brother.
"GUYS LOOK OUT! Man is behind you!!"
I cannot bear to look as another shot rings out, followed by my brother letting out a deafening howl.

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