The Owl and Bear

Chapter 1

For one person

There once was a Bear. He was a big brown bear, who lived a lonely simple life in his cave. He never asked for much, just enough to live. one day, after catching some fish, he strolled back to his cave, a dark lonley place. he looked around and said "oohh, how i wish for company"he sadi and slolwy went to sleep off his meal.

That day an owl flew around in the skies, trying to find a place to rest. The owl saw the cave and flew into it. she saw the bear and walked causlily to him. she softly pecked the bear, and felt his soft warm fur. she liked the fur, so she layed and rested on the bear.

Hours past as the two slept. then the bear began to wake up to see the owl. "oohh, what a magnificent creature, i have never seen anything like this befor" he studies the sleeping owl, sniffing and licking it ocassionlay.

the owl woke up a little while later "oh, hello mr. Bear," the bear was amazed at the owl. He asked "what are you? you look like a bird, but ur much bigger, and much prettier than anyting i have ever seen befor."

The owl smiled and says "im an owl silly, and your not that bad looking yourself"
The bear smiles "well, it is very nice to meet you owl, do you have a place to live?"
The owl responds "sadly no, my tree was torn down, i have been flyin alll yesterday, and i saw this cave and came to sleep here. i hope i wasnt a bother"

"oh no, i actualy like the company" the bear says reasuring the owl "well, if you dont have anywehre to go, u can stay here with me"

The owl gives a big smile "Why what a kind and generious bear, and thank you"

So from then on, the bear and owl lived together, and grew clsoer and closer. One day, befor going to sleep the bear told the owl "when u moved in, i was ssoo happy, and i have been happy ever since, i just want to tell you, that i..i love you. Your a great freind, and im ssooo happy to be with you"

A big smile spread on the owl's face. the owl moved closer to the bear and said "i love you ttooo, you have made me sooo happy, i was upset adn sad when i came here becasue of my tree, but now, i see it was fate. It was meant to happy so that i can be here, wit you, to be more happy then i ever was, it is all thanks to you." the owl gave the bear a peck, a kiss from an owl. and they sleep happy that night, witht the owl, wraped in the bear's warm, loving, hug.

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