The Owl and Bear

Chapter 2


Now, you all think this is just a story, that this will never and can never happen in real life. Well, i can tell you all that you are wrong. You all think this was just a nother love stroy, but it isnt. This is a story based on reality.

I prove this story to be true, taht there will alwasy be someone out there for you. That love isnt make-believe. That there is reasons for things to happen. And when you get into a fight with a spouse or love one, think of not the negatives, but the positives. Like how if it really is love, and really meant to be, then the argument will make you and your love one stronger.

Not all stories and books are just stories, there are meanings behind everything, love in each word, fate in each key stroke. you just need to keep an open mind to see.

I hope you all enjoyed the story :)

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