Hetalia Sorting Hat!

I got bored and just got done playing a Harry Potter video game so HP was on my mind. So I decided to sort the Hetalia peoples into houses.

Chapter 1

Hetalia HP style!

by: Just_Koi
-America, he's always the hero, brave, goofy and, a little air heady .
-Hungary, idk how to explain it. It just seems right.
-Lithuania, he's shy and timid but has risked his skin to warn his best friend ,Poland, about Russia's wrath
-Poland, sometimes it's hard to tell if he's brave or just plain daft.
-Sealand, he's a brave little guy with a big heart. He's the ultimate first-year! MUHAHAH!
-South Korea, he's a bit of a class-clown.
-Taiwan, she is China's little sister but considers him her teacher rather than sibling. She is shy but was so stubborn she was placed in Gryffindor.

-Canada, he's kind and tolerant.
-Egypt, he's quiet, introverted, and family oriented.
-Finland, he is cheery and sociable.
-Latvia, he's sensitive and tries his best to please but ends up making things a lot worse. He's too honest and blurts things out unintentionally.
-Liechtenstein, she is a sweet and harmless little nation, incredibly loyal to her adoptive older brother,Switzerland. She goes out of her way to show how thankful she is for everything her brother has done.
-Spain,idk where eles to put him
-Switzerland, He works hard and has determination to remain fair and neutral.
-Seychelles, she's a friendly girl who is somehow friends with everyone... even Russia.
-Ukraine, unlike her siblings she is sensitive, has a strong will, to make friends and, she is a hard worker.
-France, idk where else to put him

-Austria, he's a highly talented musician who values art and creativity above all.
-China, the oldest and maturest of nations.
-Estonia, he is studious and witty,
-Greece, he's a quiet and philosophical.
-Japan, he is studious and eager to learn about other cultures...as strange as they may seem.
-N. Italy, because of his creativity, artistic talent, and culture of learning, this bright yet somewhat ADHD was placed in Ravenclaw.

-Belarus, she's the obsessive little sister of Russia and Ukraine who will go to any lengths to get what she wants... even her older brother is afraid of her. She's like a possessed miniature version of Voldemort . MUHAHAHAH!
-Denmark, he's the power hungry Prussia of the Nordics.
-England, he's cunning and quite willing to use curses and dark magic to suit his ends.
-Germany, he is a leader full of ambition. He frightens other countries without even intending to do so... he's just like that.
-Prussia, he's Germany's older brother and power hungry as any Slytherin.
-Russia, idk it just fits......
-Sweden, he's uncommunicative and intimidating, but underneath the scary exterior he's got a sense of humor. He is not afraid to take what he wants, which is really the main reason he's in Slytherin.
-Romano, idk...Try's to be intimidating when threatened so idk it seems right.

Anyone up for a Hogwarts Hetalia fic?

As far as this sorting goes, they're all just what I think. Correct me if I'm wrong on some of these. It was really difficult to decide on some of them. Thanks.


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