~Knives And Swords~ A Clato Group Story

This is me and RueWeasley's story:PG-13 for slight cussing, violence, gore, and some intimacyCopyright © 2012 All rights reserved. All my stories, including chapters, prologues, epilogues and all associated content is copyrighted under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. All rights are reserved by the owner and creator of these works. Any unauthorised copying, broadcasting, manipulation, distribution or selling of these works constitutes as an infringement of copyright and is punishabl

Chapter 1

The Reaping

Cato's P.O.V.

I wake up late, around 11:00 a.m. Knowing my father would slap me if I was late to the Reaping I jump up despite my drowsiness. This is a bad idea. The bits of air in my lungs are instantly eliminated, my drowsiness increasing. I hear my father screaming near my door and see it burst open. I know the hand is coming a split second before it happens. I feel the stinging on my face and the red mark that will be there until the Reaping. Clove will notice and insist I move in with her. Not that I don't want too, I do! But my father would go to prison if the peacekeepers found out.

I dress in black pants and a white shirt. I walk outside and find Clove sitting on the fence that divides my house from her house. She is wearing a simple green sundress. I instantly know her mothers ideas have finally been used. Clove is a total tomboy. I think this is why I'm attracted to her. She isn't swooning over me like the rest of the rich girls from District 2. Clove and I are from the richer part of District 2. Our parents have known each other since they were kids. All of them were in the Hunger Games...

That's when Clove notices me. As usual she was staring off into space pondering the fact of winning/or getting chosen for the 74th Hunger Games. Her dream for many years. "Cato, I think its finally our year!" She says in the voice that I have heard once in my life. Her sugar-sweet voice.

We walk in silence to the Reaping. Each of us is thinking about how one or both of us will soon be the tributes from District 2.

We wait in line making small chat and get a small amount of blood drawn by Capital officials. We walk to the 18-year-old section and wait for the Reaping to start.

Our e s c o r t Granite Hart is standing wearing a fat, ruffly, peach colored dress. The ugly hag.

"Welcome!" she says in her overly cheery voice. Her sentences end in a high pitched squeak as if she is a hamster, asking a question.

We watch the video about the dark days our mayor, Standee Jun, gives a speech. Then Granite is back up, and informs us that the ladies will be first.

"Sara Downing" a weakling. we don't have many but she is the tiny 12-year-old who can barely pick up a sword.

As she reaches the stage I see Clove standing up readying herself for volunteering.

"Any volunteers?" Granite asks.

"I volunteer" I her Clove's usual feeble voice booming. she steps up onto the stage and Sara is sent back to her seat.

"Your name?" Granite asks.

"Clove Sevina" she says.

Granite nods and walks to the boys bowl.

"Ron Issy" a classic looking 16-year-old steps up. Not exactly a weakling but a sexy boy as the girls call him. Sorta like me.

"I volunteer!" I call out as he reaches the stage and they ask for volunteers.

"Your name?" Granite asks.

"Cato Redd" I say loud, and proud.

"Shake hands" Granite says in a firm voice. I shake hands with Clove.

"Our tributes from District 2, for the 74th annual Hunger Games, Clove Sevina and Cato Redd!"

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