I think I might have done a bad thing.

Chapter 1

Well, now what?

by: Londikinz
Ok, so, heres what happened...
I was talking with my boyfriend, and i started to get really angry at him, but I didn't know why. so I quit talking to him for a day to think about it. I figured it was for the best, to let my emotions settle before doing anything I would regret later. So, i waited, but the longer i waited, the more angry i got, to the point where i just wanted to kick his butt, hard.

So, i waited until i knew what the right thing to do was, and then i texted him, saying i had made a decision, and i was going to tell him face to face next time we saw each other.

he asked me in a relatively breif fashion if he should be nervous. i said no. then he asked me,

"why cant you just tell me now?"

and i said,

"Because i want to tell you in person. is that so wrong of me? IS IT SO WRONG OF ME TO ACTUALLY WANT TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOU?????????????"

he then said,

"no no no, not at all, but i am kinda scared."

so i told him,

"well, i lied. im pssd. im so sick and tired of how every time i try to talk to you, you put it off. well, now im so goddamed used to your crap, ive started to pick up on it myself! IT SICKENS ME THAT I LIED TO MY OWN MOTHER! ok? do you get that? and what for? a really really messed up inconsiderate boy, whos so fricken selfish, he cant BOTHER to wait LESS THAN 24 HOURS for me to tell him something that would have most likely made his goddamed day! but no. so now he gets to hear something different. im done. im done with feeling like a slime ball. im done feeling like a goddamed stranger in my own home, BECAUSE OF YOU. im done with you. ok? because by allowing myself to be with you, ive allowed myself self to feel like a betraying b***h, who cannot be trusted. so ill right the wrong, and feel sorry for you later."

i feel terrible. was this really the right thing to do? i should probably tell you that ive been hearing rumors recently about him though, that influenced my descision. hes apparently been flirting with/ making out with some other girl. but those rumors are not confirmed.


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