I'm in such a great place. But I'm stuck in a sea of hurt.

A story that MAY be connected to life.

Chapter 1


I'm in a great situation. My dad finally got a job, a really good one, and is working on his Masters in Architect at the college. My mom is soon quitting smoking.

I'll be getting a pet bunny, gerbil, or hamster. My parents refuse to tell.

I live in a great house.

But like all good things... It a cloud with a silver linen.

I have no friends. The ones I gained last year, and felt like family, completely ditched me. They call me names, and can still contact me. My true friends I barely get to talk to.

My mom and dad have been arguing more and more. And finally my mom said, "I want a divorce." My stomach just... dropped from those words. I shouldn't be surprised. I knew it would happen sometimes...

The town we live in isn't that great either. My mom saw that all the test scores show kids are a lower IQ than me... That would be a problem for me. I found out by my dad's friend, who moved away from this town, that most kids act like wannabe gangsters, and everyone has their own little groups.

The beach here is all private, so we'll never get to go swimming. And I have the neighbors from hell.

They live above us and stomp around all the time. ALL the time. I wake up multiple times to their children stomping at all times of the night.

I'm in a good situation, with a silver linen.

I'm in a sea of hurt.


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