Training To Be A Starship Ranger

Training To Be A Starship Ranger

Hi everyone! Guess what? Now I am not only writing LaurWalk prompts, but a Tup story too! I hope that you all will read this and give me some feedback for it. I want to know what y’all think about this. For right now this is going to be a bit of a story rather than prompts, but if you want prompts too, just comment or message me and let me know!

Chapter 1


It had been nearly twenty years since their trip to Bug’s planet. In those twenty years many different things had happened. Eventually both Taz and Up realized their true feelings for another and decided to get together. After a year of dating the two got married in a simple ceremony, just the two of them there. Taz insisted that it just be the two of them since she did not want to have February planning anything ridiculous or force her into wearing a dress. Three years after the wedding, baby fever hit the couple. At first, the two were disappointed that they could not have a baby naturally since Up had no balls. However, after researching, they realized that the Starship medical bay had some of Up’s samples on ice and they were able to use them to get pregnant with a baby that was their own. After nine months of hell, for both of them since Taz’s more intense mood swings affected Up as well, they had a beautiful baby girl. They named her Rosa and she was the cutest, and only, baby on the Starship. She had raven black hair like her mother with a similar smirk to hers as well. Also, she had her father’s blue eyes and his nose, making her one attractive girl. Four years later the couple added one more to their family, a son named Gabriel who looked the exact opposite of his sister. He instead had blondish hair with his mother’s big brown eyes, but the rest of himself looked identical to his father. Now twenty years later they had two hormonal teenagers that drove them crazy almost every day.

On the Starship there had been many tutors who were able to teach the children on board the ship basic subjects. This wasn’t training for the academy or anything, just what any normal child on earth would be studying. To be honest, Taz and Up didn’t want their children to become Starship Rangers. They knew too well how dangerous the profession was and did not want their children to have to fight in the places that they used to fight in.

One afternoon, after the children’s classes they returned back to their house quarters. Since it still was a Starship they lived on, they stayed in their father’s commander’s quarters. The Starship crew had expanded the room though to make it more of an apartment so that they could raise a family in it.

“Hola chicos. How was school today?” Taz asked as they walked in the door. Over the years she had mellowed out a bit and did not have the temper that she once had.

“Boring.” Gabriel responded, grabbing an apple from the kitchen before retreating back to his own bedroom.

Taz rolled her eyes at her son’s actions and turned to her daughter instead. “And how was your day, hija?”

“It was alright. Nothing special.” She shrugged sitting down on the couch across from her mother. “Is dad home yet?”
“No. Your padre is in a meeting and will be back later. Why?”

“Oh just curious.” She paused for a moment before continuing, “Mom what’s it like to be a Starship Ranger?”

Taz nearly choked on the water she was drinking. “Why do jou want to know?”
“I don’t know. I’ve just been wondering.”

“Well it was very dangerous but a lot of fun. It made me tough like jour padre and helped me protect people.” She simply said before getting up and retreating to the kitchen to start making some dinner for the night. Rosa just walked to her room and started her homework before it would be time to eat.

Later That Night

Once Up came home it was nearly time to eat, so the whole family sat at the table and dug into their meals. About halfway through dinner Rosa spoke up.

“Dad, how hard is it to train?”
“Train for what, darling?’”

“Train to become a Starship Ranger.”

Both Up and Taz looked up from their meals and gave each other a glance.

“Um, Rosa, why is this relevant?”

“Well I’ve been thinking about it, and I think I want to become a ranger like you guys!” The young girl said excitedly.

Both of her parents however did not look as thrilled. Actually both had their eyes widened and mouths opened.

“Honey, I don’t think you really want to do that. I think you’d be better off becoming a nurse or something.” Up told his daughter, hoping that she would change her mind.

“No, I really want to be a ranger. I’ve been looking into it and it is really the only thing I want to do. Besides, you two are rangers and can easily get me into the academy. I mean you are the best rangers the Galactic League had ever seen. It says so in all the history books I’ve read about it.”

“It is far too dangerous for jou, hija. You can get hurt.”
“I know, but both of you survived and are doing just fine.”

“Si, pero we are the lucky ones. Not everyone is like us.”

“Can’t I just train for a week with you guys and then decide. I’m old enough to make my own decisions now!” She pleaded, giving her father a puppy dog look that she knew would get her whatever she wanted.

Up just sighed. “Fine. One week of training and w…”

“ARE JOU CRAZY? Jou are going to train our hija?!” Taz yelled fuming.

“ Tazzy, it’s just one week. Besides, she’ll learn how hard it is after a week.”

“Fine, but if she gets one bruise…” Taz mumbled obviously upset.

Rosa got up from her seat at the table and gave her a dad a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks, daddy!” She ran off to her room to get things ready for training tomorrow. She knew her parents too well and knew that they were going to go extra hard on her.

Author’s Note: So, what did you all think? Should I continue? I really do want to continue this, but you have to let me know, or I probably won’t. Leave any comments/questions/concerns/suggestions, or whatever else and I’ll try my best to use your advice. Thanks again everyone!

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