POEM- Outcast

At camp with the mcSnob bunch, I wrote a poem. We were in the art museum (The place was awesome) and I saw a 8 year old pushing a gurl around my age just cause she wasn't "in her crowd." The gurl was doing the same thing I was: on her iPod, listening to music and writing. I was feeling pretty shiety cause I hadn't talked to anyone so...couple rhymes in my head turned into this!

Chapter 1

God Help The Outcast, Because Nobody Will ~ Esmeralda

God help the outcast,
We're hidden under the shadows they cast,
We're different from the rest,
Can't fit it even if we try our best,
Others see us alone and leave us in neglect,
We're left as rejects,
Out of societies' idea of normal,
I don't wanna be just ordinary or normal,
But it wouldn't hurt to be able to converse with someone else, 
Formal or not
I just wanna talk.
We're the outcast with big dreams,
Impossible as some see,
Even if none of you will believe,
I am human like thee 
Just not as...ordinary in seems,
Whisper all you want,
I know you're talking about mua,
I don't want to sound like drag, 
But note how most actors and singers were outcasted when young,
Don't take me wrong,
I'm not saying I'll grow up and star in "Dear John",
I still think that movie sucked,
But to be a star and rock out, 
I wish I could,
And If I do,
I'll thank all of you,
Cause asides from my shadow being my only friend,
And being put in neglect,
I learned what's hate,
I learned what not to obey,
I learned what happens if you stay,
I learned that suicide isn't an escape,
I learned not to take my life away,
I learned how to carry on,
I learned how to be strong,
I learned that following the crowd,
Isnt always
the best choice,
You can hate me all you want,
I'm not gonna show off or flaunt,
You can try to bring me down,
I'm not gonna turn around,
You can try to kill my dreams
I'm still going to believe in me,
You can try to ruin my life,
I'm still going to stay alright,
You can try to hurt me,
I'm still going to break free,
You can't control me,
So long and goodbye,
I'm leaving you all in the dust for good this time.


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