Salvatore Academy

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Chapter 1


The first time you're on your own is the scariest. There's no one there to help you, no one there to guide you, and no one there to tell you it's going to be alright, to just take a breath and find a way out. No. No one's there to help you, no one. Even if it's not the first time you're alone, it's still fvcking scary. It feels like you're trapped, with no way out. You have to fight to survive, and sometimes it's just not enough. You're floating in a black nothingness, with nowhere to go, and nothing to do. You are just... alone. The only way to make it worse is if you have someone you love with you, because you can see their pain, you can see them suffering, and you can't do anything to help them. They float, next to you, and yet they're still too far for you to reach. That is what hell is. That is what being alone truly is.


Ding ding! "And now," an announcer's voice calls out to the rowdy crowd. "The match you have all been waiting for, the match that many are calling the millionaire match, because the winner literally becomes a millionaire, ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, in the right corner, weighing in at 230 lbs of pure muscle and standing at a whopping 6 ft 5, with the meanest takedown you will ever see, ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, TANTIBUS!!!!" The crowd roared. They screamed and cheered. Over the noisy crowd, in the right corner of the arena, a door opened, and fog covered an elevated walkway. A heavy and fast guitar song comes on, and the crowd goes quiet. In the middle of the fog, rising up from the walkway, was a giant black man. His back was towards the cage in the center of the arena, covered with a black bathrobe. Slowly, he turned, revealing a pock marked face with two scars making an X on the center. His eyes were full of fury- fury and bloodlust, making an already terrifying man, a monster from hell.

"Tch," I said. "Am I supposed to be scared?" Beside me, Aaron laughed.

"Beauty, ain't he? I bet you 10 that he's gonna put up the best fight of the night." Grinning he stuck out his hand. Smirking, I grabbed it and shook.

"And 20 that he's down in less than 3." Gasping through his teeth, he narrowed his eyes behind his dark aviators. "Oo, darlin', I think you're losing your touch. 3 minutes?" Clicking his tongue and shaking his head, he leaned back against the wall and folded his arms over his chest. With his slicked back blond hair and black suit, he looked like an older gangster- all class and badass.

Rolling my eyes, I directed my attention back to 'Tantibus'. "Please. I'm only saying 3 because I'm bored. And that gives people more time to bet. Meaning, by the end of tonight, we'll have enough to get out of this crappy town and head straight to Viensede in the morning. Man, Kaya's going to love it there. Clear water, blue skies, and all the seafood you can eat!" My stomach growled just thinking about it. I closed my eyes, and clutched my stomach, moaning. "Man, I would give my right arm for a steak right now! Aaron, when was the last time we had a meal?"

Chuckling, his darkened glasses slipped down his nose a little, revealing black eyes. "You mean a full meal, or just food in general? Cause we haven't had a good meal since we left Mezisoa." Smirking, he pushed his shades up, and dug in his jacket pocket for a cigar. "Well, darlin', you haven't."

I cracked my eyes open as my stomach growled again. "Hang on. Are you telling me that you've had food, and I mean good food, like to-DIE-for-good-food, and you didn't tell me? Or share?" Grinning, he nodded his head. "Yup. That steak was so worth 50 Arums."

My eye twitched. "50 Arums?" He nodded his head. "Yes, darlin', 50 Ar-" I jumped on him and started to choke him, his body flying back and forth. "What the hell is your problem?" I yelled. "Me and Kaya have to eat too, y'know, probably more so than you! And we only had 300 Arums left from the last match because you had to get a new suit! So now we don't even have enough for a hotel tonight because we can't collect the damn money until tomorrow morning, you bastard! And I'm so hungry right now I could eat you!"

"-ladies and gentlemen, I give you the challenger, Tenebris!" I stopped shaking Aaron. "Hang on," I said. "Did they just say Tenebris?" Aaron's head, now a dark purple-red color, nodded slowly, his hands trying to peel my hands off his neck. "Damn," I swore. "I'm late." Shrugging my shoulders, I let go of Aaron, smirking slightly when he fell to the ground, and amazed that his glasses didn't fall off.

"When you get out of that match," he said, panting slightly as the color slowly retuned to his face. "I'm gonna kill you. Nice and slow. Maybe burn you alive over a hot fire.Or maybe I'll bury you alive, dig you back up, and THEN set you on fire..." Laughing at his plotting to kill me, I crouched on the edge of the rafter. "Here goes nothing," I said, as I put my mask on. I took a deep breath in, quickly kissed my necklace, and I threw myself over the edge of the rafter.

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