Clove's Death (Cato's POV)

Ugh, I'm just having random Clato feels right now. Sorry it's so short, I don't have much time but I wanted to write it anyway.

Chapter 1

Stay With Me

"Promise me you'll be careful. After Fire Girl and Eleven are dead, there will be no real competition."
"I promise, Cato. She won't have a chance against me, anyway. All I need is one direct hit with a knife, and she'll be a goner."
"Okay then. It's settled. We'll meet up back here at camp after we've finished the job."
Clove quickly puts her hair up, and heads of towards the Cornucopia, where this year's Feast is being held. The sun has just risen, and I hope she hasn't missed her prey. I walk deep into the woods, on the lookout for Thresh. He's basically the only threat left in the competition, but we haven't seen any sign of him throughout the Games. I'm almost certain he's weaponless, though. Now I'm in a part of the arena I've never seen before, but Thresh is stil nowhere to be found. I curse under my breath, and continue into the woods. That's when I hear the screams.
"Cato! CATO!" shrieks a familiar voice.
"Clove!" I shout. I run as fast as I can toward the Cornucopia, my feet pounding hard against the ground. I position my sword for attack, knowing I'll need it. When the golden horn comes into view, I see something that makes me die a little inside. Thresh smashes a rock the size of a loaf of bread hard against Clove's temple. He drops her on the ground and grabs the backpack in her hand. He says something to Fire Girl, and they both flee in opposite directions. I throw my sword and drop to my knees next to Clove.
"Come on, Clove. Stay with me, please! We can still win this thing!" She grabs my hand weakly, and I clench it tightly. She tries to say something, but all that comes out of her mouth turns to soft mumbling.
"Don't die on me, Clove. I need you. Please, just hang on!" Her grip on my hand loosens, and the black-haired beauty next to me lays still. I hear her cannon boom, and that's when I lose it.
"No! Wake up, please! You can't be dead! I-I love you....."


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