My opinion on "why Twilight is better than Wand Boy"

READ THIS INTRO OR ELSE! I need you to know that I am friends with the creator of the story I'm talking about. I don't intend to be mean to her. She didn't write what's in the story, she just copy pasted it.... And please don't hate on her. She doesn't deserve it. But since she didn't write it, I'm gonna give my opinion and hope people aren't offended, which we all know isn't going to happen.

Chapter 1


Here's the link to the story that I'm writing about.
Warning: if you are a HP fan like me, that thing will get you extremely aggrivated. Especially if you hate Twilight. XD So read that and here's my response to it.
Also, Twihards are welcome to read my rant and post their opinions if they would like. You'll be pissed off, though.

I find this so funny that I have to write a rant on it.
So many of these are opinions. And did you know that Robert Pattinson admitted that he doesn't like acting in Twilight? So 8 is totally invalid.
4- Twilight has a plot and Harry Potter doesn't? HA! Funny joke.
7- there are werewolves and vampires in HP, too. Only the vampires don't sparkle.
9- neither are the ones in Harry Potter. 
10- if they have some good in them how can they be the villains? XP Voldemort murdered thousands of innocent people to purify the race. He's like, the wizarding Hitler.
11- so do the characters in HP. HP also teaches that you don't have to be attractive to be liked. You shouldn't have to be pretty/handsome. What has Twilight taught us? The exact opposite.
12, 13: FRICKING OPINIONS. Grrr. Same goes for HP, once again. What does an apple have to do with Twilight, huh?
14- Meyer basically butchered the legend and rearranged it dumber.
15- wowww. Seriously? 
16- who cares? And I don't think so.
17- alright yes it's a pretty name. That, however, has nothing to do with the series.
19- SO IS HP. I'm actually getting mad now, these people have no idea what they're saying.
20- you OBVIOUSLY haven't read the book enough to know that there are WAYYYYYY more lessons learned in HP than Twicrap. Friendship, loyalty, love, good over evil, bravery, strength, inner beauty, I could go on forever.
21 Rowling shows plenty of emotion in her writing- more, I daresay, than Twilight.
22- I don't know how true that is, but Rowling does, too. Read ONE PAGE.
23-  I hope you're kidding. Twilight- Forks, Washington. HP- a magic castle in Scotland with moving staircases and talking portraits.
24- hell, you're kidding again, right? HP is read by a bigger audience than Twilight. It's got millions of fans.
25- really. Do good people die? Do the villains actually fight back? Do families get torn apart, friendships broken, children left orphaned- I could go on forever.
26- WOWWWW. Writing opinion. Here's some Dumbledore quotes: "it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." "Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living. And above all, pity those who live without love." “After all to the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.” “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
27- Rowling left more clues. Ex. A beetle on a statue which would go unnoticed by most readers turns out to be a major plot point.
28- It's a classic English name. Don't make fun of it. Names of characters don't matter, anyway.
1- because everybody is a perfect half-vampire or whatever Meyer wrote with a werewolf and vampire fighting over her, who is a teen mom whose baby tried to eat her insides. Riiiight.
2- That doesn't make it better, it means that Meyer is a bloody terrible author.
3- because you can't feel Harry's pain over his DEAD PARENTS, his only love kissing another guy, him having to go DIE and GIVE HIMSELF UP TO VOLDEMORT to SAVE THE WORLD. And you can't feel Ron's emotions over loving Hermione, and his BROTHER BLOODY DYING, right?
4- HAHA. Really? Well, I know differently. Harry's parents are DEAD, and he lives with his aunt and uncle who HATE HIM in a CLOSET for 11 YEARS until he finds out he's a wizard. I think he would have some intellectual thoughts.
5- the HP characters are anything BUT dull! Ron- has 6 siblings. Harry- parents dead, lived with abusive aunt and uncle for 11 years. Plus the fact that they're wizards makes them not dull.
6- Uh, no one ever said that. What we said is that Twilight just teaches you how important it is to have a boyfriend (SARCASM). Ginny from HP loves Harry, Hermione loves Ron. It's obviously not a crime.
7- ...... I have no idea what you just said
9- HP was too! Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, and everyone else. Romance doesn't automatically make a book better, you know.
10- I tried reading it and I was bored out of my mind. Total opinion. I think Harry Potter is more gripping.
11- I don't care. I like sad stories. Happy endings don't make a book automatically great.
12- well, hell. I totally thought that there was absolutely no battle between good and evil in HP, in which Voldemort is out to kill Harry and anyone who gets in his way, and Harry's parents died protecting Harry. I seriously hope you can spot the sarcasm there.
13- I don't fvcking care about any of that. Attractiveness, sweet smell, "eternal beauty". Good to know. The whole point of HP is that you can't live forever. Twilight basically teaches you that you can live forever in perfect harmony with your gay sparkly vampire boyfriend and watch everybody you love die one by one, and it's perfectly okay. I don't think so.
14- complexity of the characters? Biiitch, please. Bella is nothing more than a perfect pretty girl who wants to fvck a vampire and get pregnant. She's basically perfect. Such a Mary-Sue.
15- she has a normal life! HAHA! Vampire and werewolf fighting over her, totally normal!
16- The fear is the point. You totally missed it, huh? And besides, here's love, too, and friendship.
17- again, normal people! HAHA! Vampires and werewolves! Sure.
19- whoever wrote this little tidbit is a HP fan. "SIRIUSLY", they wrote, instead of "seriously". Anyway, there's more to relate to in HP, you don't need to be a wizard. There's love, friendship, bravery, bullying and the themes I mentioned somewhere above. Good luck finding them in my rant.
20- so did HP.
21- this is also supporting HP, so....
22- yeah, but that's the only type of pain. Emotionally, related to love. In HP, there's this as well as emotionally with friendship, family ties, and physical pain. 
24- if nothing can keep them apart, and they can always be together forever, they aren't star crossed lovers XP
25- I disagree. In this way, HP tugs at the reader's emotions more. It's just.... I can't even explain the feeling.
26, 27- and HP isn't?
28- Harry Potter is more so, for me anyway.
29- fail at an argument. XD Harry Potter's plot is AMAZING.
30- and that makes everything better, huh? Not everyone has the same religion, so they wouldn't feel as comfortable reading it. That's why Harry Potter doesn't talk about religion, only the Christmas holidays.
31- Rowling is creative, too! She created her own world, for god's sake! Meyer didn't. 
32- opinion yet again. Robert Pattinson was in HP, you know. 
33- that doesn't make it better.
34- ..... So they could be outside? ..... That doesn't make any sense
35- yet again, you're claiming that Forks is normal. Not in Twilight.
36- opinion, and I think they're dumb. 
38- woww. Harry Potter has more sadness than Twicrap. GOOD PEOPLE DIE SO OTHERS CAN LIVE. And some die for no reason! It's just life.
39- I find HP more interesting.
41-  just.... Wow. *facepalm*
42- your grammar is so atrocious that I have no idea what you just tried to say.
43- two words: FVCKING LEGILIMENCY. And you don't even know what that is, so wish Edward good luck!
44- you don't have to know the future to be great or whatever your suggesting. And Harry is far from weak.
46- A love triangle like the one in Twilight isn't very common. You don't often have two boys crazily fighting over you the way Edward and Jacob do. More often, it's smaller scale, like Dean, Harry and Ginny in HBP.
47- I have the slightest feeling that this was written by a HP fan.
About the quote, no one ever said it did. -_-
48- Harry Potter is inspirational, and not just in fanfics. It has an impact on your life. "it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live."
49- you think so? You think it wasn't hard for Jo to kill off great characters, write about a fictional, magical castle, and stick hidden context clues in there the whole time?
83 (skipping all the others cause it was totally illegible): No one ever set a teacher on fire.
85- they don't in HP, either.
86, 87- it was to show how evil and wrong Umbridge was.

So yeah! Thanks for reading this insanely long rant :P Comment please!


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