Random Facts About Me

Whether you know them or not, here are ten random facts about me. I will be doing these once a week. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Week 1

1. I am a huge fan of the band Linkin Park. I wanted to be just like Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda. Still do actually.

2. Halo is not my favorite game. It is one of them but no matter how much I talk about Halo, my favorite video game is actually Bioshock

3. I have a scar in between my thumb and forefinger from a chisel incident, freshman year of high school.

4. I was once broken up with by a girl because she decided she was a lesbian but didn't tell me the real reason for the break up.

5. I am a previous dedicated member of the Liberty High School Marching Band. I was in the band for all four years of high school.

6. I am currently the first and only scriptwriter for the soon to be Machinima company Virtually Unknown Films.

7. I am one of the only guys who would rather cuddle with his girlfriend then do something dirty. I won't lie, dirty things are fun, I just like cuddling more.

8. My favorite number is 12. There is no reason behind it being my favorite, it just is.

9. I claim to not get scared with scary movies, which I don't get scared most of the time, but the video game Amnesia scares the living hell out of me.

10. The first character I have ever made up was named Lord Shadow. He has grown up with me and I have change the way he is 33 times in the past seven years.

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