The Truth For Those Against Animal Cruelty

The crazy truth about what humans are doing to animals for the sake of "food"!

Chapter 1


On farms animals are killed brutally and inhumanely. Farms cram them into crates, workers throw and shove them into crates. Breaking many of their bones. They eject them with hormones and other chemicals just becuase people want more meat.

Tthis cuases them to be so overweight that their bones can no longer support frthere immense weight. Chickens are shackled upsidedown on a conveyer belt so there heads can be sliced off by a blade. Some arent even lucky enough for that, and get dropped in boiling hot water ; alive and conscious. Sometimes farms skip the slicing process and drop them into the boiling hot water. In Vermont ,pigs are sliced, shocked and sliced alive.

They keep there animals in shelters with little to no water. Never to see daylight, crammed together. They even cut off there beaks to keep them from fighting. This cuases many problems:infections, unable to eat or drink. Many die from starvation before they are killed. This isnt even the worst. Much more than this happens. People no longer care for animals, they just want meat.

But, you can help! You can go vegaterian or vegan. But if you dont want to you can by organic meats. You can even find cruelty-free meats! Please help stop this inhumane, brutal, barbaric, treatment of animals.

Go to the full story to see more examples of how people are treating animals. We need your help! Animal-Awareness-CAUTION

I know many of you wont repost this, let alone comment, but please realize this is all true.

PS watch the documentery called Food Inc. What people do to these animals is sad and scary.And not only is it bad for animals, its bad for people too. When you eat certain kinds of chickrn an beef youre eating the hormones and all the other syuff they feed to animals. They arent treated like animald anymore, they live on growth hormones. And thats not okay!! Please repost this and help s pread the word.( change the title to __ are against animal cruelty)


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