Interesting but Pointless Facts About me

Hello everybody! :3 This is a pointless thing that I am doing solely for light entertainment. I will basically be writing chapters about why I am weird, and you will get to know some fun stuff you might not have known before about yours truly! (or maybe you will have already known something I say and feel like a genius. XD)
Anyway, Enjoy!

Chapter 1

#1 Child at heart

I am a child at heart. Many of my friends already know this (especially Maurina) But I am, as I Sam says "A four year old, trapped in a 14 year old's body, with the persistence of a middle aged person." (I'm still not sure whether to take that as a compliment or not. XD)

I do very childish things on a very regular basis. For example:

-I still go onto YouTube and re-watch all of the Disney movies.
-I get a lot of pleasure from playing pretend (Maybe that's why I like role playing and story telling too XD)
-I still eat very plainly, like taking the yolks out of my hard boiled eggs, or eating a plain and dry cheeseburger.
-I love games like tag, or hide and seek (then again, who doesn't.)
-I refuse to wear make up
-I still sometimes sleep with stuffed animals (Don't judge me. You've done it too)
-I cried at Toy Story 3, all five times that I've watched it.
-When I get embarrassed, my initial instinct is to hide behind or under the nearest possible thing. And I stay hidden until my embarrassment has receded or I have no choice but to come out. -_- oxygen is sometimes not my friend.
-I try to catch butterflies and "wishes" whenever they come flying through the wind. :3
-I watch a lot of cartoons, like old kids shows and stuff. XD
-I tend to skip through the hallways at school, or just bounce. :P

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this. ^-^ again, it's pretty much pointless, but if you want to leave a comment saying how you are like a child you can. It will be interesting to read for me! :3

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