Tell Them Your Story

A Song

by Anthony J. C. Q.

Chapter 1

Tell Them Your Story

Now look up to the sky,
And think of your past.
Cry with the mourning dove,
And wait till the last,
Day to give up you mind and your soul.
Look to the sky and make your story be known.

Now don't tell in words,
No one listens anyways.
Tell them in blood,
So the meaning will stay.

Tell them your life,
Your past and your pain.
Tell them of truth,
Love, lies, hate and the rain.

Tell them your story,
Let your suffering be known.
Tell them in blood,
How your battles have gone.

Everyday you sit in your room all alone,
Waiting for someone to even come home.
Now don't fret for me my story is done,
All these chapters and nothing to show.

Don't look at me with those pitying eyes,
Don't say your sorry, I know it's all lies.
I'm not a fool, just a suffering soul.
I'm not a man, but a monster in gold.

Don't judge a book based on it's cover,
And don't leave your house,
The day's almost over.

The night will set soon,
And so will my pain.
Darkness drench the town,
And befall the untold.

For now my story,
Consumes the whole world.


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