Like Fire And Rain...(One Direction Fan-fic)

Like Fire And Rain...(One Direction Fan-fic)

Hope You Like It:))
Name: Xiomara Carlie De Leon
Name Pronounced: See-Oh-Mar-Uh
Nicknames: Xi, Xio, Mara
Age: 17
Looks: Light Brown Eyes, Wavy Dark Brown Hair, 5'3,
Ethnic: Hispanic
Hobbies: Dancing, Photography, Painting, Drawing, Singing, anything having to do with fine arts
There would be spanish words here and there!

Chapter 2

Here Comes The...Boys?

The dress hunt was okay, until my mother decided on what dress I should take. I knew she was going to do this, but after all it is her wedding.
"Your going to be the best maid of honor!,"exclaimed my mother,"Now, we just need your bouquet and mine."
"Yay!,"I replied.

Wedding Day

"Mami, I will be right back, let me just go do my hair,"I told her, she was freaking out.
I went into my room, were my dress layed, along with the shoes. I went over to my mirror and started doing my hair. I had decided on on a side low ponytail with a cascade of curls.
"You look beautiful,"said Simon coming in.
"Um...thank you,"I replied as I put on my earrings, bracelates, and necklace.
"Um, your mum is really freaking,"he asked.
"Just rub her shoulders, that always work,"I replied standing up.
"Thanks...and you do look beautiful,"he said walking out.
"Simon!,"I called out before he left.
"Yes?,"he asked.
"What time are we leaving?,"I asked him.
"Well, I'm leaving in about an hour, and the limo will be here for your mother and you in about two hours,"he simply replied. I nodded and he left.
I decided to text Flor.
Hey, girl, how's it going?, I texted her.
While I waited for her text I decided to do a touch up on my make-up. Then I turned on the radio.
"..and now for the moment you all have bee waiting for, here is One Direction with One Thing,"said the radio man.
"One Direction?, who the heck is One Direction?,"I asked myself turning it off and putting songs from my phone instead.
Flor didn't respond, she's probably still in school, or practice.
"Sweetie, Simon just left,"said my mother entering the room,"Lola,"our house keeper,"is going to help with my dress, get change please."
"Sure thing, go and put on the dress,"I told her. She nodded and left.
I took off my robe and changed into the dress, then put my shoes one. I took one last look and decided it was perfect. Then I went into the closet and got my maid of honor Bouquet.
(Dress: )
(Shoes: )
(Bouquet: )
"Mmh? Nice,"I told myself.
I looked at the clock, we only had twenty minutes left. Carefully, I made my way over to my mothers room. When I opened the door, my mouth fell open.
"Wow, mami!, Te miras hermosa!,"I exclaimed. ( You look beautiful! )
(Mom's Dress & Hair: )
(Mom's Bouquet: )
"Gracias,"she replied smiling big. ( Thank you )
"Okay, come one, the limo must be waiting for us alrwady,"I said, for the first time, with real exciment.

"Okay, deep breaths, mom, deep breaths,"I told her, we were about to enter. I was going infront of her, and right now, it looks like she's about to pass out.
"Okay, I think I just heard my que,"I said.
"Well, go!,"she exclaimed.
I took a deep breath and went through the church's door. All their eyes were on me, people even started whispering. I wish I could what they were saying.
I got to my place then the piono started playing Here Comes The Bride. everybody stood up, and my mami came through the doors. I looked at Simon, who was smiling big. I knew he liked what he saw, who wouldn't! My mother looks amazing! Beautiful comes short if we are talking about her.

The wedding was beautiful, it felt like something you read from a book, or saw in the movies.
We were ,now, in the salon, were the party was at. I was sitting by myself, I just didn't know anybody here. I decided to got for a walk, I got up and turned around. When I did I bumped into someone, who spilled their drink all over me. It got into my my strapless bra, and spilled, well, you get the point.
"I'm soo sorry,"I heard a male say. I simply stood there, arms in the air, and mouth wide open. Then the unexpected happen, he actually tried cleaning it off, making this into an awkward situation.
"What are you doing?,"I exclaimed, stepping back.
I looked up to see five boys standing there, the one who had spilled the drink on me was as red as he could get, while the other four were trying not to laugh.
"American?,"asked the one who spilled his drink on me.
"Really? Asking if I'm American, after you spilled your drink on me?,"I asked throwing my hands up, and rolling my eyes.
"Zayn, you made her angry,"said one of them laughing.
"Again, I'm soo sorry. It was an accident-,"he started going on, but I raised my hand and he shut up.
"Save it! No lo qiero escuchar,"I responded. ( I don't want to hear it ) All of them gave me a dumb look, I knew they wouldn't have understood me.
I left like that and walked away. I had to find the restroom, I need to try and clean myself.

After I kinda cleaned myself, I went back to my seat, hoping to find some peace. I sat down and looked at my phone, nothing. I took off my shoes, my feet were killing me.
"Hey, is spill girl,"I heard someone exclaim. I turn to see the boys sitting there.
"I have a name you know,"I replied annoyed.
"Okay, then what is it?,"he asked.
"Xiomara,"I simply replied.
"Well, Xiomara, I'm Harry,"he said introducing himself.
"And Zayn,"said the one who spilled the drink on me,"and again, I'm sorry."
"But, of course, you already knew our names,"said Harry.
","I replied.
"Well, that's a first,"whispered Niall.
"Are you serious? You haven't heard of On-,"Harry started to, but I cut him off. My phone was buzzing, Flor was calling me.
"Sorry, I have to take this,"I told him standing up and running outside.
Flor and I talked for about and hour, simply catching up on stuff. She told me Jose seemed broken, brought some tears to my eues.
"Well, I got to go,"I said.
"Yeah, I know, take care,"she said before hanging up.
I went back inside, I looked down and saw that I wasstill barefooted. I went to look for my shoes, but they weren't there.
"What the heck?,"I asked myself. I turned to asked the boys if the had seen them, but they weren't there.
Then, I heard a male's laugh coming from outside. I followed, guessin it was the boys. My eyes poped out when I saw them, they were playing football with my shoes!!
"Hey!,"I called out. They all turned and looked at me,"Can I have my shoes back!"
"I told you they were her shoes!,"said Liam looking at Harry.
"Claro que si!,"I replied walking towards them. ( Of Course! )
"What?,"asked Niall, who had one of my shoes.
"Of course,"I replied rolling my eyes and taking my shoe back. I turn to Zayn, who had the other.
"Here you go,"he said handing it to me, kinda scared.
"Idiotas!,"I exclaimed walking back inside. ( Id!ots! )
I'm just glad this party is almost over, I don't think I can handle them any longer.

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