Like Fire And Rain...(One Direction Fan-fic)

Like Fire And Rain...(One Direction Fan-fic)

Hope You Like It:))
Name: Xiomara Carlie De Leon
Name Pronounced: See-Oh-Mar-Uh
Nicknames: Xi, Xio, Mara
Age: 17
Looks: Light Brown Eyes, Wavy Dark Brown Hair, 5'3,
Ethnic: Hispanic
Hobbies: Dancing, Photography, Painting, Drawing, Singing, anything having to do with fine arts
There would be spanish words here and there!

Chapter 3

New School

Few Days Later

"Okay, so are you sure about this?,"asked my mother. We were parked right infront of my new school.
"Well, Simon said he made sure I wasn't the only hispanic, right?,"I ased her trying to breathe.
I never liked being the new girl for anything, it really got to me.
"Yes,"she replied.
"Okay, then what's better? I mean, I'm going to a preforming arts school, were more than half of the students are hispanic...,"I replied unsure.
"Okay, have fun sweetie,"she said as I got off the car.
I looked at the school, it was huge! I then turn to look at my schedule, how I'm I going to find my classes? Taking a deep breath, I started to walk foward.
"Excuse me, can you help me?,"I heard someone ask.
I turn to see a girl, about my height carrying a huge posture and sculpture. She had light brown hair with what seem natural blonde highlights. Brown eyes with a golden outer ring, and had freckles on her nose and cheecks.
"Uh..sure,"I replied. She handed me the sculpture, when I grabbed it I saw a tatoo on her wrist. It was a heart that said Move On through it, it looked great.
"Nice tat,"I told her.
"Oh, thanks!,"she replied happily.
"I'm Xiomara,"I told her as she started to walk, and I followed her.
"I'm Talia...are you new here, I've never seen you around,"she asked.
"Yes, just moved here from Florida,"I explained.
"Last name?,"she asked.
"De Leon,"I told her.
"Bienvenida to London's Performing Arts School,"she exclamied. ( Welcome )
"Gracias,"I replied with a small chuckle. ( Thank You )
"So, what's is your talent?,"she asked opening the school front door.
"Well, I can sing, act, dance, paint, draw, take photos-,"I started to say, but she cut me of.
"So, everything?,"she asked.
"You can say so, but I'm photography is my passion,"I replied.
We started to get to know each other, and she's a real cool girl. She reminded me of Flor. We left her project in art class, and started to walk around.
"Okay, so we got a few minutes left, why don't I show were all your classes are?,"she asked. I simply nodded and thanked her.
She showed me were verything was, not only my classes, but also my locker, school principle's office, nurse, cafeteria, and everything this school has to give.
"Okay, so, we have the same lunch..and the last class also,"she said as the bell rang,"So, I guess I'll see you around."
"Thank you s much again,"I told her.
"Don't metion it,"she replied waving goodbye.

"So, how has your day been?,"asked Talia.
"Great, the teacher all seem really nice, plus, I love every class I got,"I replied setting my lunch tray down and sitting next to her.
"That's good..and yeah, I saw you got all cool teachers,"she replied taking a bite out of her hot dog.
"Hey, what's going on over there?,"I asked her.
"Oh, they must be signing up for the school musical,"she said.
"Really? Sounds like fun,"I told her.
" you wanna sign up for an audition?,"she asked.
"Why not? I can make more friends that way,"I told her.
"True...well, go on,"she exclaimed.
I stood up and started making my way over. When I got there I was about to grab a pen when someone else did.
"Oh, my bad...ladies first,"he said handing it to me. He had a thick accen, but not a british one.
"Gracias,"I replied as I took the pen.
"No problema...I'm Jacob,"he said extanding his hand as I finish signing my name. ( No Problem )
"Xiomara,"I replied shaking his hand. He let go of my hand and signed his name.
"Well, I guess I'll see you around,"he replied flashing a smile before leaving.
"Were you just talking to Jacob?,"asked Talia.
"Umm..I guess,"replied as I open my Doritos.
"Girl, you just talked to the hottie of this school, and he is Mr. Perfect,"she explained,"He can do aything...just like you."
"Umm...okay?,"I replied rolling my eyes.
"Yeah....hey, so why did you move here?,"she asked.
"Well, my mother re-married, ad her new husband lives here, so we had to move,"I replied as she took out her binder.
It cought my attention, she had stickers on the cover with familiar faces, I just couldn't put my finger on it.
"Hey, who are those?,"I asked her. When she saw who I was talking about her mouth dropped.
"You don't know who they are? One Direction?,"she asked, ah, so this are the famous One Direction they keep playing over and over on the radio. I shook my head, and I swear, it looked like she was going to have a heart attack,"Harry? Liam? Niall? Louis? Zayn?"
Once she said their names the memory came back. they are the id!ots from the wedding! The ones who were playing with my shoes!
"Hey, I know those guys,"I said without thinking.
"What?...You're kidding me, right?,"she asked in disbelief.
"No, for reals, they were at my mother's and Simon's wedding,"I replied taking a closer look at her stickers and pictures. She looked like she was about to choke on her hot dog.
"Wait? Your mother married Simon? The Simon Cowell?,"she asked surpried. I simply nodded,"You've got to be kidding me!
"What?,"I asked her.
"Simon signed One Direction!,"she exclaimed right back.
"Oh,"I simply replied handing her back her binder, and returning to my food
"Oh, that's all you have to say?,"she asked throwing her hands around.
" not like they're Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, or Katy Perry,"I replied.
She let out a sigh of frustration, while rolling her eyes. I could tell it annoyed her for some reason, I just didn't know why. So what's the big deal? They are just five guys, who I never heard that such a big deal?

It was Saturday morning, I had to wake up to go with my mami to visit Simon. I looked at my cell, I had text from Talia. We've become really close, and it's barely been a week.
"You ready?,"asked my mom as she came down the stairs.
"Ready,"I said as I grabbed my phone.
We finally got there, it seemed like we never would! I climbed off the truck and followed my mother inside.
"Morning Mrs. Cowell, Simon is on his way down,"said the receptionist as soon as we entered. Guess my mother has been here before.
"I'm here,"said Simon from behind us. I turn to see him with none other than One Direction.

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