7 Deadly Sins


Chapter 1


15 year old Danny Gabe fixed his blonde hair. He smiled when his mother called him downstairs as he started to fixed his shirt. He took one last look at his teeth and whispers "Perfect." he ran down the stairs and out of the door without a look back. Not even to say goodbye to his own mother! Sicken! This boy was on my last nerves! I couldn't wait to see him suffer! He was first on my list I was unnoticed as I sat in his classes 1st period :Math unnoticed. 2nd period: Language Arts unnoticed. 3th period : Spanish unnoticed. 4th period:Lunch unnoticed. 5th period: Social Studies unnoticed. 6 period: Reading unnoticed. 7 period: Science unnoticed 8 period: Gym unnoticed. 9 period: Chours unnoticed. I wasn't hard to miss my long black dress sliding down the hall floor, my heels clicking off the floor, my black rose in my hand. My blonde hair pulled up into a bun, my eyes red from the contacts I wore. My make up was black eyeliner, black eye showed, black mascara, and blood red lipstick. But high schoolers were always caught up in there own world of fashion, looks, and labeling people. The bell rang ever student run out of the school Danny stood at his locker... Alone perfect timing I thought as I walked up to him I touch his shoulder. He spun around "Get off me! I don't want your ugliness to rub off on me!" my anger shot up I took my knife and sliced his face. His scream was clamming. I said to him "Live with this scar forever or kill your self." I held the knife out he took it and screamed "I won't live if I'm ugly!" He stabbed himself in the neck and the heart. I stuck my finger in the blood and wrote on his locker Vanity

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