Let My Heart Beat As It Is.

Let My Heart Beat As It Is.

This is another one of my stories.. Yes I know there may be some mix ups... but that's what the information page is for! (I will be editing info page if I want to change something or an event in the story changes something...)

PLEASE READ THE FIRST PAGE! (If not, at least read the two notes at the bottom if you get confused later on.)

Chapter 1

My Character(s) Information.

Name: Akiko Himura/ Hatake (Depends on how you look at it... It can be either one..)

Age (By most recent chapter): 16

Gender: Female

Looks: Pale blonde hair, dark blue eyes. Her hair is really really long and her bangs are all in her face. Her bangs are also choppy but are very even. She's tall for a girl her age and also very pretty. She has ivory skin and she's thin, but not too thin. She has her cartilage pierced on her left ear. She wears her hair down. In her other form her looks are the same except for a wolf tail and ears. Both the tail and ears are pale blonde with black at the ends. She has fangs in both forms.

Personality: Very Friendly, has a soft spot for cats and dogs, very sweet, honest to her word, always keeps her promises, she's very loyal and would hate to hurt anyone she is close to. A lot of guys have a crush on her, and she gets along with all types of people. A fierce fighter and determined to win.

Outfit: she wears a black tank top that shows cleavage underneath a red hoodie that she zips up to her bellybutton. She has really short black shorts and black ninja shoes. her headband is tied around her head. She wears a crimson crescent moon necklace with a silver chain around her neck.

Chakra types: Water, Fire, and Wind

Best Friends: Naruto, Shikamaru, Choji, Sasuke, Lee, Kiba, Hinata, Tenten, Ino, and Sakura

Likes: Ramen, pranks, fighting, winning, sleeping under trees, sleeping in general, being outside, reading, apples, animals, the sun, the moon, stars, rain, and having fun and being in the hot springs

Dislikes: Losing to Sasuke, bees, hates having to get up early, hates thunderstorms, and being told what to do

Teammates: no team, on her own

Pet(s): Sayuri (Her little gray kitten, female, she also calls her Say-chan and Sayuri-chan)

Family: Mother- deceased Father- Kakashi Hatake Sister- Kaeda Hatake

Past: She once lived in a small village known as the Snow Village. When she was little her mother sent her to the Leaf Village along with her sister, but she made sure she wouldn't remember anything about it until a certain time came. That village was attacked by a group of people searching for something and they took her mother instead of what they were looking for.

Dreams: She wants to become a great shinobi and eventually settle down and get married. but for now she just wants to become a Jounin.

Rank (By most recent chapter): Chuunin

Crush(s): Kiba, Shikamaru, and Sasuke (Not all Fan girl like though...)

Favorite Saying(s)/Word(s): "Idiot" and "Shut the hell up"


Name: Junichi Otoaka

Age (By most recent chapter): 15

Gender: Male

Looks: choppy, black hair that's all in his face. Dark green eyes, tall for his age, well muscled, and dark skinned. He has a scar the runs from his right shoulder to his left shoulder.

Personality: out for a kill, very hateful, evil. He works for Orochimaru

Outfit: what Sasuke wears in Naruto Shippuden

Chakra Types: Wind and Earth

Likes: plotting and killing things...

Dislikes: Akiko, and the rest of the Leaf Village

Family: Mother- deceased and Dad- deceased

Dreams: to destroy Konoha and kill Akiko

Favorite Saying(s)/Word(s): "Whatever" and "I'm going to kill you."


Name: Minna Yuri

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Looks: short brown hair. Looks a bit like Sakura's except a bit shorter and she has bangs in her face. She has amber colored eyes and she has fair colored skin. She is normal height. About 5'5" (three inches shorter than Akiko)

Personality: Reliable, very truthful, trustworthy, and smart. She loves to help people.

Outfit: She wears a dark green, medium sleeved v-neck top with fishnet under it. She wears a black skirt and knee-high ninja shoes. She has no headband, but if she wears a bandanna around her neck.

Chakra Types: Medical (if that's a chakra type) and Lightning.

Best Friends: Akiko

Likes: helping people, being around Akiko, and having fun

Dislikes: death and murderous people

Teammates: none (Unless you consider Akiko as her teammate...)

Pet(s): none

Family: mother- alive father- dead no siblings

Past: she moved away from her family when she was 14 and traveled. A few days after he 15th birthday, she found the Snow Village and then began to train in medical ninjutsu under Akiko.

Dreams: To be as great as Akiko and to save lives.

Rank: unknown

Crush: no one (For now. ;] )

Favorite Saying(s)/Word(s): "Count on me!" and "I won't lie."

[Note: The beginning of the story starts off a little after they all get put into teams, but long before the Chuunin Exams take place. and I will not be describing the Chuunin exams, just putting the results somewhere in the story later on...]

[Note #2: Sasuke does not get bitten by Orochimaru in this, therefore he does not get the curse mark, and so he does not leave the Leaf Village. It plays a semi-important role in this story later on]


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